Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Your liver

The liver is inside of your body and it does about 500 jobs. it breaks down your food you eat. It is special body part. You can’t live without your liver because your liver cleans and warms up your blood. you get warm blood. The liver puts your food in the right place so you can stay healthy. It is the size of a small melon and is a red colour.

Pigs Bladder

In 1860 a ball was made of a raw pig’s bladder When ever the ball started to smell disgusting people would get new pig’s bladder. The bladder could be small big or little. The ball could be a nons-tanard size if one pig was bigger then another. Do you know what a pig’s bladder is? It is something to hold the pig’s pee. After taking the bladder out people would clean the pig’s bladder before they would blow it up. They used to use these balls to play a game called big side, a combination of rugby and soccer. You can only catch the ball if it is in the air andonce you catch the ball you can kick it anywhere of you or you can kick for an goal or you can go under the crossbar.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Keep your eye on the ball

As soon as I walked into the hall I saw all the teachers dressed up like rugby players. They where dressed up because they were preforming for the Immersion Assembly that we have on the first day of every Term 3.

Mr Jacobson was dressed like a cool Irish rugby player. He was shouting out "Ireland!Ireland!"

My favorite movie was team 4 because Mr mark pushed my teacher on the face.
That was my favorite movie. I liked that movie.