Monday, June 23, 2014


Echolocation is like when you make as sound, it bounces off something and you will be able to hear it again as an echo. It bounces off walls or objects that are next to you.

How do Dolphins and Whales hear?
So whales hear by making sounds under water. The sound will hit an object that is underwater, then it bounces back and echoes.  That is how they find prey. Dolphins are like whales but they make clicking noises underwater. It reflects to an object under water thats how they find prey or friends.

Who is Ben Underwood?
Ben Underwood was a teenager who had cancer when he was a young boy. His mother noticed that there was something wrong with his eyes. Ben Underwood couldn’t see anything but he was clever because he knows how to roller skate,  ride bikes,  play basketball and also can do lot’s of stuff that other blind people can’t.

Ben Underwood could do all of those things because he always click’s his mouth so he can hear objects. Hi s mouth click’s and it bounces off object’s that are next to him. Ben Underwood had eye Cancer when he was 3 years old and he died when he was 16 years old. He loved Dolphins and he loved other creatures.

Monday, June 16, 2014


Paragraph 1: In the weekends I went to sleep over Martha’s house with chloe and Ane. First my mom and sister picked us up to go KFC. Next we went to the pools to meet Chloe and Martha they were excited because they thought we were not going to come.

Paragraph 2: But there was more people like Efilona, Mele, Gianna and Lizara who came to the pools with them. Me and Ane started to eat our food that we bought then mele and that started eating our food then we started to eat with them.

Paragraph 3: After that I went to get changed so i could jump in the pool with Chloe Martha and Gianna. So after i had got changed i lined up in a straight line ready to jump in and we all jumped it was really fun.

Paragraph 4: It was freezing but i got use to it. We all started to jump on each others backs and hopping on their shoulders and pushing each other off. Then we went to the little pool because it was getting more cold.

Paragraph 5: All of us jumped in the little kids pool and it was warm as in there. I looked under the water and it was really cool because i went down to see things that were on the ground. We were all frightened because we saw this lady that was staring right outside and she looked like the grudge but with short hair. It was really fun until Efilona and Gianna left.

Paragraph 6: Only me, Chloe, Martha and Ane were left at the pools because Mele and Lizara had left to play Basketball and the other two went home. We talked about funny stuff and scarey stuff. Later on we went to get changed and we walked to Martha’s house which was just right around the corner.

The End

Friday, June 6, 2014

Smart Footprint

Explanation:Smart Footprint.
Paragraph 1: Online is a special thing because you can go on heaps of interesting stuff and you also can go on smart animal pictures. When you are doing something bad online you can leave your Footprint so that is why people should not do bad things online.

Paragraph 2: If you are going on games that are not good and that are shooting games online you also can leave a Footprint that is not smart which can lead you to trouble.

Paragraph 3: Being cybersmart online is good because if you are doing you're work then that means you are leaving a Smart Footprint and that is what we want.

paragraph 4: If you have one of our devices like netbooks and you are logged onto your google docs you're teacher and your principle can see what you are doing.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sarona explanation writing

How to post your writing on a blog.
Paragraph 1: Firstly you have to go on your netbook or a computer. Then you sign on to you're google drive and you click create a new document then start writing.

Paragraph 2: After you have done writing you're story you click command c then click on new tab and write in blogger. Blogger will come up and you will have to click the first link that comes up. So then you click on the pencil and you then push command v.

Paragraph 3: You have to check you writing before you post it on your blog. So when you have finished checking your writing and you are ready then you can push post and it will go onto your blog.

Paragraph 4: Next you can click on you're blog and see the writing you have done and check if you have done your spelling right.