Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sarona and Helen deliciouse juice recipe

Recipe for our sandwich

If you want to have a taste or just make one...
has the recipe..

two slices of  white bread
three slices of avocado
two slices of  cheese
 four slices tomato
Two slices of  ham
another pile of ham
Mayo to spread all over your bread

first  you take your Mayo and spread it on  your  slices of bread.
then you take your letters and  just simply put it on you bread.
And then you put two slices of ham and another pile of ham.
On top of the ham place four slices of tomatoes on top of your ham.
Two slices of cheese on top of your tomatoes.
Then place a little bit of letters and finally place your three slices of avocado and simply put your last piece of bread on top of your avocado.

Enjoy your sandwich made by Sarona and Helen

Monday, May 13, 2013

On Thursday the 9Th of may we had assembly because a special singer was coming to our school. We didn't know who was coming to our school because Mr Burt wouldn't tell us but I  felt surprised . I was waiting for that famous person to come to our school. I thought Chris brown was coming to our school and I was so excited. We had to sing a song.Finaly Mr Burt told us who was coming to our school and he said” and we were all cheering. came in the hall with cameras crowding him. When he had came in I was cheering and clapping also everyone in Pt.England.School.

The pounamu group camera on the stage excepted for Patrick he was doing a speech in front of He got stuck on some words but he still said his speech. Pounamu group done their performance in front of everyone in the whole school. After they had done their performance in front of our guest it was time for the amazing hip hop. They had started doing their performance but the music had stopped but they co-operated and some people were embarrassed. So then the music finally started and they done their dance properly and it was really amazing. Then it was time for to talk about his life and how he’s going back to school on September. He was brought up with no dad and that was really sad. So he was nice and kind to give us one thousand hundred cheque Then we went back to class.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


One Thursday last term, we had triathlon after morning tea. We had to line up in two lines. Then we walked down to the field because that’s where we were going to have the triathlon. There were three event’s swimming, biking and running. Room nineteen was there because they were racing us at triathlon.

The first group to do the triathlon was room nineteen girls. They stepped up to the start line and had to do twenty star jumps. After they had done twenty star jumps they had to run to the transition and grab one of the bikes.  They had to put their helmet on first and then push the bikes out of transition. As they were riding the bikes all the way to the finish line we were cheering for room nineteen girls. So room nineteen put their bikes in transition and ran all the way to the finish line. Then it was time for room twenty-two they all had to bike and run. Unfortunately Room nineteen won that time, there’s always next time.