Monday, April 14, 2014

Sarona Term 1 reflection 2014

Reflection 2014:
My highlights have been Fia Fia. I was in the Hip Hop group. Another highlight has been hanging out with my friends and being in Year 8.

I have made improvements on Math whizz, Studyladder and Xtramath. I know this because it tells me and also because my teacher always checks.

I still need to improve my Goals because I never improve it sometimes. this term is to finish off my work and reach my Goals for this term. I want to improve my Goals for this term and next term.

I am most proud of my efforts to complete my work on time. I am always the first to finish my Studyladder tasks.

My 3 main Goals for Term 2 is:
1. finishing off my work
2. learning about new stuff to write about.
3. improving in maths

Friday, April 11, 2014

Free Rice

On Friday 11th April 2014 I went on Free rice. What free rice is when you play free rice every time you get a word right there will be a thing on the right and it will tell you how much rice you have got. I played it and it was fantastic also it was amazing because I gave heaps of rice to Africa.

Fia Fia Reflection

Fia Fia reflection:
-How did you feel?
-What did you do
-What group were you in?

Start Here:
On Wednesday 10th April our whole school had Fia Fia. I had to go to school early because I was selling candy floss. It was only two dollars for one packet.

I was doing the money so when people want to buy some candy floss they give the money to me and i’ll put it in the lunch box. There was milo we were selling it too it was only fifty cents for a cup of milo.

When I was hungry I asked my Nana if I could buy hot chips and she said” Yes. I went with my Nana and my sister Yvonne to buy hot chips for us two.

After that I was still waiting for my hot chips it took very long because they had to do the other peoples food who were before us. Then my sister and I got our hot chips we had to put sauce on ourself and we could put how much we wanted.

Later on we had to go in to our changing room so we could get changed I was in Hip Hop. As we finished we went to line up and we had to walk through the corro door and we had to go through the library outside and then we had to sit down on the carpets at the field.

We all had fun and we all done our best in our performance. My best part of Fia Fia was the Samoan group and Precisely that.IMG_4043.JPGIMG_4047.JPGIMG_4049.JPGIMG_4045.JPG IMG_4034.JPGIMG_4036.JPGIMG_4051.JPG

Monday, April 7, 2014

My Story

six sentence

Paragraph1: Once upon a time there was a scary boy named Hiwarau. He lived in a haunted house next to a girl named Sarona. Whenever people go pass his house he would always scare them and he sometimes make them have heart attacks.

Paragraph 2: He has a problem scaring people and making them going to the hospital every time they pass his house. He makes little girls cry whenever they are on there Bikes or Scooters. He likes to look at the end of his window when people come pass his house whenever he is tired.

Paragraph 3: In his house he has a Ghost friend named Spooky. Whenever Hiwarau is sleeping he always wakes him up and tells him to come in the Kitchen. Spooky will always try to trick him and try to Kill him.

Paragraph 4: A girl named Sarona came pass his house and scared her she got frightened and collapsed on the floor. She woke up and it was dark time. She was in Hiwarau house she was quiet when she  needed to take a step.

Paragraph 5: She went into his bedroom and tripped up on a string it played a scary song tip toe to the window. Sarona got scared and Hiwarau was next to his window she screamed Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! she tried to get out but the door got locked.

Paragraph 6: She said” What do you want from me? he said nothing. She talked to him and said” Please stop doing this and stop scaring people. He Agreed with her and he stopped she said I’ll be you're friend if you stop this.

Paragraph 7: Later he was happy and he had lots of friend. He ditched his haunted house and he lived with his friend name Zion.

The End