Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mordecai and rigby

Mordecai and rigby Mordecai is a bird and rigby is a raccoon who loves to live in smelly stuff.Mordecai and rigby always does stuff wrong and they always have to fix it by going into adventures and they have to kill stuff and when they have completed adventures then they are fine but benson the boss will always shout at them.


About my family

My family come from samoa.MY sisters and brothers Were born in New Zedaland.My sisters names are Nu’u,chantelle,kathleen,ane and Yvonne I have 1 brother ray.

On christmas

On Tuesday the 25th we went to our Nana house to celebrate Jesus birthday and Christmas too. My Mum and sister Yvonne made a banana cake and potato salad for Christmas. After my mum put all the   ingredients into the bowl she mixed it all together and then she put it into the oven to heat up.Then my mum pilled the potatoes and after she had done that she put a little water into the pot and then she cooked it.My mum went to get changed into her clothes and then the oven rang a bell bong and that means the cake is ready.As my mum was taking out the cake the potatoes were ready.My mum took out the cake as fast as she could and put it up on the bench.Then she grabbed the pot of potatoes and she put it on the bench.we all got changed into our clothes and then went into the car.My mum came outside with the cake and pot of potatoes she took them into the car and said" put our seatbelts on and we all said"yes.As we got their we opened up our presents.I opened up my presents and I got lollies stickers purse and ear phones and it was the best time of my life.

                                                               the end

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sarona Net book reflection

I like my Netbook because it’s easier to write on than a book, you can do heaps of stuff on it like maths whizz and blogging.Messages popping up asking me to download things. I like it the way it is.It was very boring when we had books but now it is cool because we have Netbooks.  By not dropping it, not breaking the screen, not going on inappropriate sites, and by taking care of the charger and bag.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Going to a Christmas party

On sunday we had to wake up early because we were going to a christmas party in town.We had to get changed into our clothes my sisters were so excited they got changed fast.

My sisters and brother were already changed so I jumped out of bed with excitement and I grabbed my  clothes and got changed.

The christmas party started at 11.00 in the morning.We had to wait and wait until it was 11.00 clock .My Mom said” Go in the car we are going to get the washing so we all went into the car.

As we went to into the car My Mom said” that it was nearly 11.00 clock I smiled with happiness in me.So we drove to the washing and we had to see if the washing was finished when we felt it was hot.

My Mom took all the washing out because it was dried and it was also hot me my mom folded the clothes and put it into the washing basket.After it was done we went into the car and I said”Mum where are we going next My Mom said”we are going home and we are going to take our washing inside.

I wanted to go to the christmas party right now but it was not 11.00 clock. My Mom went into the the house and she put the washing on the ground and she said”I’m going to sleep until its 10.30 my Mom went fast asleep.

But the phone was ringing ring ring ring ring my Mom picked it up and said”hello and she just said”HURRY GET IN THE CAR! we all had to go right now we all sprinted into the car with excitement.My Mom drove to town and she saw her friend sweetie My Mom Laught and said”HELLO!.

So My Mom went to find a parking spot and she found one right next to the bouncy castle.I ran out of the car and so did my sisters and brother we laugh and we went downstairs where there were games.

I went with my sisters to the bouncy castle.
Me and my sister got so thirsty and we wanted a drink of coca cola so we went to get one the lady said” what would you like and I said”I would like coca cola please and she said” of course.She put ice and then coca cola on top.

Next I went to my Mom and said”can we get our hand wax and she said”yes you can I lined up I was second  in line.When the girl in front of me was finished getting her hand waxed she had to pick a color she picked purple and blue.It looked so cool and it was my turn to wax my hand.

When I was my turn to wax my hand I was so excited I had to put my hand into a ice water and I had to put something on my hand I rubbed my hand and I had to do something with my hand so I done peace sign.

And My hand had to go in a really hot thing that makes your hand waxed he said”Pick a color and I picked blue white and red.Then I was finished.

My Mom came and said”We have to eat now I said”okay.I ran downstairs to My mom and I had to get a plait I got salad,chips,burga and noodles. I went to set down and eat my food after that we went home but I saw taniela in my class so  said” sup and then we went home .


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sarona swimming

On Monday we were going to the pools but Mr Somerville said “We have to watch a movie first.” Then Mr Somerville got out his laptop, he put on a funny movie about a man running in the olympics but it was a home video. After that we had to get our togs and get changed Mr Somerville said “you got 3 minutes.” We sprinted into the toilets to get changed. I was so excited about going to the pools. After changing I went to room 16 to wait for the girls to get back. Mr somerville said “how many girls are in the toilets?” and I said “about 3 or 2.” When the girls got changed into their swimming togs we walked to the pools, Then we got to the pools we had to put our towels down and clothes down on the ground Mr somerville opened the door for us and he put down the ladder so we could hop into the pool. Room 15 hopped into the pool and had free time in the pool we were laughing, splashing, and hopping on each others backs. Then Mr somerville blew his whistle and said “everybody get into two lines, girls and boys” we laughed at each other and splashed water at the boys. When we were in two lines Mr somerville gave us instructions about how to play his game he said “I am going to chuck a tennis ball into the water and you have to catch the ball if the girls get the ball first they get a point if the boys get the ball first then they get a point but you have to touch the back of the pool.” Mr somerville blew his whistle we all shouted with excitement and we all splashed water at the boys but we did not know where the ball was so Melane saw it and grabbed the ball she put her hand up and said “I got the ball I got the ball!” the boys all shouted “OH NO!” the girls were all laughing at the boys. It was nearly morning tea time so we had another game Mr somerville blew his whistle again. We all ran to get the ball the boys were fighting over the ball and so did the girls. But the boys thought that they got the ball and one of the boys said “I have the ball!” but he didn’t it was the girls again the game was finished. So the girls went to get their clothes and get changed Mr somerville said “you only have 3 minutes to get changed.”We all shouted “HURRY HURRY.” Girls pushed through to get in the toilet but some girls just wanted to get changed. All the boys were finished and only some of the girls were finished getting changed. I shouted in my head “HURRY SARONA HURRY.” I got into my school clothes as fast as I could and I went outside I said “Yes I’m not the last one” we left the pools and went to class.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

narrative a pig that can fly

Once upon a time their was a pig name jessie but it was a girl.When jessie went into the farm she went to sleep then she woke up and she heard a big thunderstorm BOOM BOOM.She got really really scared and ran outside then she got locked out of the farmhouse.Then she got so sick that another thunderstorm came and hit her so badly she fell asleep on the ground. After that she woke up but she wasn't sick anymore she shouted”hooray hooray then she felt something at the back of her and it was giant wings she shouted”ah I got giant wings but she said”if I got wings then i can fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee then she flies up into the sky and says”I can fly everybody I can fly. Later on all the animals in the farm came out of the farmhouse and said”did you hear that and all the animals said”YES so jessie shouted up here friends and all the animals looked up in the sky and said”JESSIE WHAT ARE YOU DOING UP THERE jessie said” I can fly everybody i can fly all the animals said” come down jesse and jesse flies down onto the ground all of the animals were so surprised that she was flying like a butterfly and stinging like a bee so all of the animals and jessie went into the farmhouse to have a nice cup of tea THE END.

Friday, November 2, 2012

no body knows it but me

this is my favirout lyrics BABE FACE:Nobody knows it but me Yeah wish I told her how i feel Maybe she'd be here right now But instead I pretended I’m glad you went away these four walls close in more everyday and I’m dying inside nobody knows it but me like a clown i put on a show the pain is real even if nobody knows now I’m crying inside and nobody knows it but be Why didn’t the things I needed to say how could I let my angel get away now my words is just a tumbling down I can see it so clearly But You’re nowhere around the nights are lonely and the days are so sad and I just keep thinking about the love that we had and I’m missin’ you and nobody knows it but me I carry a smile when i’m broken in two and I’m now I’m nobody without someone like you I’m trembling inside and nobody knows it but be I lie awake,It’s a quarter past three I’m screaming at night if i thought you’d hear me Yeah my heart is calling you and nobody knows it but me How blue can i get you ask my heart But like a jigsaw puzzle it’s been torn all apart A million words couldn't say just how I feel A million years from now you know it I’ll be loving you still the nights are lonely and the days are so sad I just keep thinking about the love that we have and I’m missing you tomorrow morning I’ll hit the dusty road gonna find you wherever ever you might go I’m gonna unload my heart and hope you come back to me say when the nights are lonely the nights are lonely and the days are so sad I just keep thinking about the love that we had and I’m missing you and nobody knows it but me

Friday, October 26, 2012

About Barbie

Ant Army

This is about an ant army helping each other to get a big giant dounut.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Saving the day

In the morning  we ran out of bread.So My Mom told my Brother to run to the shop and buy three bread .As he got there he walked to the back of the shop where all the bread are.Suddenly he heard a noise coming from the front of the shop he went to look and he saw a robber holding the shop keepers neck .

My brother shouted!LET GO OF THE SHOP KEEPER! .But he didn't so he got so angry and he shouted again LET GO OF THE SHOPKEEPER.Then MY brother went to call the police but the robber said”no please don’t call the police on me so my brother but the phone down and he got out a gun and he said”Put your hands in the air then my brother shouted please don’t kill me.

But the robber shot the bullet and my brother closed his eyes but he never felt any pain.SO the robber shot the bullet again my brother and the shopkeeper closed their eyes hard as they could then my brother and the shopkeeper never felt any pain again.

The robber had no bullets so the shopkeeper and my brother told the robber to stay and they will call the police.When the shopkeeper went to call the police the robber was already gone because my brother wasn't looking out for the robber .So my brother went to get three bead the shopkeeper said”where is the robber and my brother said”I went and the shopkeeper was scared that he might come back.

Then My brother went at the back of the shop to get three bread and when he went to the shopkeeper the shopkeeper said”We can take three bread for free.After that my brother went home and he said”Mum Mom I got the bread for free and My mom said”SON where have you’ve been and he said”I went to save the day and mom said”Thats good .

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Reading a book

On tuesday july the 31th 2012 we had to go on Xtramath and after xtramath we had to sit on the ground .

Mr Marks said “put your hands up, the people who read your book at home”, and some of us put our hands up. Then we had to go our get our book so we could go to miss Ouano classroom next to our classroom. So we got our books and went to Miss Ouano class.

We had to go on one of the computers. Everyone picked a partner to go with them but I didn't because i didn't want to pick a partner. We had to go on IMovie to video ourselves reading the book we already read at home.

So I went on Imovie and I had to make another folder so when I want to listen to my recording I can go on the folder i made.I opened the camera on Imovie and I recorded myself reading the book and as I was reading the book i saw mele come and ruin my recording i was angry at her so i had to start again.

I started recording heaps of times because of mele and I said”Stop ruining my recording and she said”I didn’t know that. I was recording and i said to myself she is lying. So I had to start again and it was nearly time to go class because room 14 was coming soon so I recorded me reading my story and I was finished so I went and ruin her recording but she was finished and I was like OH NO SHE IS FINISHED.

Then we had to go to class because they were nearly at class we ran to class and everyone was on there netbook writing about cross country and some people done basketball they were really quit.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Ancient Olympics

The olympics began  two thousand and a half years ago . They had to complete the olympics by doing Athens, sparta, corinth,  boxing, discuss, wrestling and javilan. After the olympic game stopped they would often fight and they would chop their enemies heads off. Then there would be a man coming to wave a white flag. That means they would have to stop fighting each other and they would have two go back to the olympics to complete the games.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Photot editor

                                         this is me sarona vili from pt england and I'm 10 
                                         years ols I'm samoan.

Monday, June 18, 2012

In the Morning.

In the Morning My Nana woke Me up for school But we didn't get up because I was too tired to get up so I did not get up .Then My Nana came in the bedroom and she saw that me and My sister was still Asleep and so she shouted at me and my sister to wake up and she said” It’s 8:00 clock and My sister jumped up and she ran to bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth and put on her uniform .And I was still Asleep and my sister ran to wake me up because my Nana was coming to see if I was still asleep and she saw that I not asleep .So I went to the bathroom and I washed my face and brushed My teeth then i went to get changed into my uniform then I went to put My shoes on and clean up the bed I sleeped on. After that we got our lunch and we put it in our bag and we said” Goodbye to our Nana then we walked all the way to school.

breakfast to eat in the Morning.

About Me

Hello my name is sarona fui fui vili I am 10 years old and My birthday is on february 7th.

I am samoan and live in new zealand I have 5 sisters plus me is 6 and I have 1 brother.

My street is 74 court cresent I share rooms with my two sisters their name are Ane and kathleen me and my twin ane has a bunk and my sister has her own bed But it’s big .We have 4 bed rooms and our lounge is big.

My school is Pt.England and I have a netbook Like Everyone Else does.We have two playgrounds for little kids and the other playground is for the big kids .

I have a garage in the front near the deck at my house but our Cousin use to live in our garage but they moved because they had a house that they bought.

Thank you for looking in my blog bye bye.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

About Monet the artiest.

1.Monet was a french impressionist  painter.He also enjoyed painting the same subject and landscape.Each painting captured a moment in time.Each show different colors and light.

2.Claude Monet lived in Giverny.He liked to paint beautiful water garden.Because how the water moves and reflect the world on how it changes colors in the sun.He will go over and over on the same subject .

3.The famous painting of the Japanese  Bridge of showing an arch bridge with a pond under it.It would have flowers and trees sorrownding the famous Japanese pond.Each seasome the pond would change how spring the leaves fall on the pond and the pond would have leaves coverd but Every summer the water would change colors.


Friday, May 25, 2012

Jackson Pollock

Jackson pollock was  an Artist he is french and he was born in  America . Lives in New York he is married  to lee krasner   smokes and  drinks .He died in 1957  when he was about  44 years old because he had a car crash .  He was passionate about his art work.

His artwork is fantastic, beautiful,special and awesome.He was impressionist about his art.  Every time he paints he is happy and excited.Jackson pollock painted standing up and sitting down too.Sometimes he flickes the paint onto the big piece of paper and he scoops the paint like he is scooping an ice cream out of a boul.

He used his imagination when he starts to paint .Jackson pollock paint fantastically and his paint is sticky,beautiful,funny,special,messy,awesome but most of all he used interesting color for his paint so it can be so easy to see his work when people want to buy it.

sarona’s painting.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Could creatures live without rain

If rain would not fall the sea creatures will remain alive and land creatures will die.

On the other side of the world is  a  dry dessert with only a  few plants and no animals in an area far far away.

Rain supplies us and animals with water to drink and to survive. Water helps plants to grow.

Some people in the city are angry when it rains but they forget how much the farmers need water for grass and crops so they can grow. And we need dams to be to be full for when we turn on our taps.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sarona Assebly

“oh my gosh guess what I got to tell you today” There’s assembly this morning.

On Monday it was the first day of school. Room 15 was walking to assembly. As i walked into  the hall I saw the teachers dressed up some teachers were dressed up like flowers and some were dressed up like painters and all kinds of stuff.

As Mr Burt came into the hall he was dressed up like a skeleton he looked really scary and cool .

It was about art that's why they were dressed up every teacher had to do a movie or they had to get on the stage and do something.

Team 1 was up first they done a movie there was 4 teachers in the movie they painted their self one teacher had a tiger on her face the other teachers had all kinds of animals like a zebra, cheetah and leopard .

After team 1 was finished team 2 came up and they were doing a movie and something else .

The movie was about shapes and stuff it was a cool movie then team2 went up the stage and one teacher was painting a picture of  flowers like a daisy and a nice long flower that looked like a tree it was yellow and green the other flowers was felled of heps of colors around them next they belled down and said”thank you.After it was time for team 3 team 3 was telling us what color they like and Miss Nua gave Mr barks a red glove and he said” this color makes me angry and mad.

so he went up the stage and he said he is going to scream so he went away and screamed really loud I AM SO ANGRY !!!!!. And then he said” ahh this is more better .

then Miss Squires gave a chicken to Mr barks and Mr barks said “ oh this is my favorite color yellow it makes me want to dance then Mr j turned on the music for Mr barks was dancing really funny pt England school was laughing hard out then he stopped dancing and was talking about another color and the teacher came with a blue pillow and he said” blue makes me cry then he was crying .

Later it was time to go to the classroom  and this song was playing but we had to say a pray first Mr Burt was saying a pray then it was time to go the music was an olden day song i think it was .

thank you for looking in my writing hope you
liked it I hope you really really like my writing.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sarona camp story

Last week we went to camp and we were  with Miss v and we were doing roller blading and ping pong.I went on roller blading I was trying to turn but I fell down .After I went out side with sisilia and i was rolling blading out side I was out of control and I fell down . As I got up I was speeding and it was cool because thire was a hill and I went on it was scary and I went down it with my friend sisilia it was so cool that I went again .Next I had to get off the roller skates because I had a long turn on it after I gave the roller skates to efilona she put it on and I had another turn because some one gave it to me I was speeding on to the hill and I was speeding back down.Later i turned and I went to the breeze and I  skated then i went in the hall to skate it was slippery I was slipping and sliding.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sarona school camp

I am looking forward to swimming on Fridayand cooking at camp . I want to kayak at the pt England Beach with my friends and teachers. I want to have free time when I am at swimoram . Swimorama is this swimming pool where people swim and train. They train so they can get better at swimming .

I really like to go kayaking because it is cool when you go in the kayaking boat. You will fell like you are having a race with your team mates . 

Cooking is really cool because you get to lick the spoons and lick the bowl when you start cooking. You have to wash your hands and then you make biscuit's' yummy ones like with corn flakes in side it. You get to take turns putting the biscuit’s in the paper .When you have put the biscuit’s in the paper you have to put it in the oven and let it cook.
I really like kayaking.

I am scared of kayaking because I will always go to the deep side and when I go to the deep side I always jump off the boat and I will swim all the way to the beach. When I am swimming to the beach I freak out because every time I go in the water my friends say that something is coming for you and that's why I all ways jump out of the boat . 

I am scared when I go sleep because when I go sleep I freak out because I have scary dreams then I go back to sleep and I don’t freak out. I am scared when I wake up in the middle of the night because there are policesmen at the back of us out side because they are looking after us .
I am really scared of kayaking

Friday, March 9, 2012

Sarona blind fold

On Monday room 15 walked to the hall to play a game called obstacle course. We got to the hall and sat down to listen to Mr Marks instruction. While Mr Marks was sharing his instruction I was looking at the stuff in the hall and I said’ what is that for.

Next Mr Marks told the boys and girls to find a partner and my partner was sisilia when I found a partner we had to go line up in a line I went all the way at the back because I was scared that I might fall off but it looked really fun so I said” I will not be scared .
We were excited to start the game so we said ‘ let’s just start the game so we started the game and I was waiting for long but not that long me and my partner sisilia was talking to me and she was excited to play the  game she was punching my head and she was hitting me because it was my turn .

Then it was time for my turn then we started I was so scared that I told sisilia to hold my hand and she said’ don’t be scared then she hold my hand and I she was tacking me to the steps when I was up on the steps I fell then i got back up and I was walking to the stage then i was all ready up on the stage .

Later we were up on the stage and sisilia said’ i am going to push you off OK then she pushed me off and I nearly fell off the blue jumping thing .

Later on it was my partners turn she got blind folded and she said ‘ do not make me fall off before I will push you then I said’ OK!! she went fast as so she nearly fell on the ground so she was laughing and I was laughing to and then I was all the way to the steps then she fell down on the steps and she got back up and she was on the stage getting ready to go jump off .

After I pushed her down and she was nearly crying then I said ‘ sorry are you OK and she said’ I was scared and you made me cry and she was laughing hard out .

Later we had to go back to class because their were other class rooms coming to play and room 16 was coming to play the game we played in the hall it was cool .As we walked back to room 15 Miss Muliaumasalii said we had to talk to our partner and talk about your best part and my best part was jumping off the stage.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


As I was going to class i had to get my bag and go line up out side because we were having picnic at pt England schools reserve with all the pt England girls,boys even teachers and adulates. When we got to the reserve Mr Burt was telling us about rules and other kids  stuff so we can be safe and be careful where we are going .

After he was Finish talking to us we all went with our teacher and we   had to put our bag on the ground with the others .Later on we went to the beach and played with the sand and we were putting our feet in the water it was nice and cold and it was sonny the sun was shinning on to me .

Their were kids that were playing with the sand and making a sand castle with some cups that they found and I saw this cool as thing I saw the teachers making a cool as Mermaid and they put some shells on the  Mermaid and it looked like a real girl Mermaid.As the teachers were Finished the girls and boys were looking at it and they said "it  is so cool .

Mr Burt put music on boys and girls were dancing and some where convoy of chaotic crazy children were running around and dancing because they were excited and they had karaoke and my friend sisilia and Efilona was singing and then they went off the stage because they were scared and they were laughing after they went off the stage but the song was cool because that was my favorite song.

After that I went to find my Friends and they were at the beach putting their feet in the water .I went down the step and I went to the water with my sister she was happy and she went with us too .We all went under the steps to talk with my friends as we went under the steps we were talking about H20 it was cool.

Soon we all went to the beach and we were looking with some shells really cool shells my friend keis found a shell that no one has seen it looked like a  Maori shell but more cooler .
My friend ask every one if they have seen this shell and they said “ no where did you find this shell
kies said” I found it  in the beach and I think it is a shell that no on has ever seen .

Later on I went to get an fruit from the box because I was hungry for fruit and I was thirsty for  a drink .As I was thirsty I asked my Nana for a drink and she gave me this Ginger drink and it was yuk but I still drank it all .Heps of people were swimming in the beach and this teacher went to get the ball that was going far but not far away  and the teacher went to get it and he was be tending to sink all the way on the ground but he went back up he got the ball and he went out of the beach .

LATER! on we had to pack up and we had to get our bag line up in to our line and we had to set down on the ground then Mr Burt came had to talk to us about your parents he said” if we are going with your parents or your Nana or anyone we have to watch out if  your Nana or any of your parents leave then you will have to walk home by your self.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sarona Kiwifruit

I felt the kiwifruit on the outside and it felt hairy, soft and it felt like a hedgehogs back. The kiwifruit felt really slimy on the outside and the inside because it was squashed.

When I looked at my kiwifruit inside it looked like there was heaps of ants crawling around . As I went to look closer it looked like ants were swimming around in the kiwifruit. Black seeds where crawling like little baby ants it was funny.

The kiwifruit taste juicy  and  it was crunchy inside because of the little black seeds . As I bit my kiwifruit it was really juicy and sour.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Respect other people in the school.
Everyone in pt England school has to ware their hat .
Sarona has to respect the teacher and kids.
People love respecting other family and friends.

Every body
Chuck it in the bin and use your w.i.t.s
Tack charge of your net book jumper and hat.
R.E.S .P.E.C.T
everybody you have to weiR your uniform.
when it ‘s a hot day whiE a hat or go in the shade .
tack charge or your Stationery and your net book.
Respect other People like your family .
we all can play with Every one in school.
when we are playing sport Champions never give up.
if any thing has to be Taken charge like net book and
some thing.
In line with text | Fixed position

Chuck it in the bin and use your w.i.t.s
Tack charge of your net book jumper and hat.

R.E.S .P.E.C.T
everybody you have to weiR your uniform.
when it ‘s a hot day whiE a hat or go in the shade .
tack charge or your Stationery and your net book.
Respect other People like your family .
we all can play with Every one in school.
when we are playing sport Champions never give up.
if any thing has to be Taken charge like net book and some thing.