Friday, September 12, 2014


paragraph 1: On thursday I went to the disco with my sister’s at 5:30. We went to the disco at school and it cost $3:00. First we had a shower and got changed. Next we went to Glen Innes to buy glow in the dark bracelets and when my mom came we went to Pak’n save to buy snacks.

Paragraph 2: After that my mum came with us to go and pick up one of my friends Gianna in the car. When we got to Gianna’s house we saw that there were no lights on but just the T.V.

Paragraph 3: My sister went to go and check if she was coming. But when she went to knock on the door no one would answer it. So she tried again and Gianna answered the door. My sister said “are you coming? and she said yes.

Paragraph 4: Gianna had to get changed first because she didn't know that we were going to pick her up. after she had got changed my Mum dropped us off to school not far from Gianna’s house.

Paragraph 5: At school we walked inside and payed for the disco. I went to find my friends Helen and Wakatere I looked all around but finally I found one of them Wakatere. Then I went to search for Helen and I only saw her brother he told me where she was. Then I went outside to find her but I couldn’t so I went back inside and saw her we both hugged happily..

Paragraph 6: Later on it was nearly time to go home so we made the most of it I was really fool because I was drinking to much and I was tired. Then it was the final song and after that song everyone went home with their Mums and dad. Later on we dropped Gianna off to her house and said “ Goodbye see you tomorrow and went home to have a peaceful sleep.


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  2. Hi Sarona,
    I really like your writing about your time at your school disco. It sounds like you had a lot of fun. I suggest that you check your writing, check that it makes sense and the punctuation, other than that I like your writing. I sure I'll have that much fun when I'm at my school disco.


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