Sunday, December 15, 2013

Highlights of my Reading, Writing and Maths

My Reading

What my highlights on reading is when I read true stories and I like when I read with my friends because we read and we are quiet but when i am when other people they are really loud. That is why I like to red and it gives me an opportunity to explore the world.

My maths

What my highlight is on maths is when I go on math whizz and xtramaths I learn all sorts of stuff and I can solve problems really fast and it is really cool solving it fast.

My writing

What my highlight on writing is when I write about anything I can and I really like writing really fast because it is really cool. I really like writing about myself and also about my whanau.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Net Book Reflection 2013

       Net Book Reflection
On my Netbook I learn lots of maths. What I do on my Netbook is I go on Math Whizz and Xtramaths so I can learn more. When I need help on solving problems I go on My tracking success. Having a Netbook connected to the internet helps with my learning so much thats why I get some answers right because we are learning more on the internet. When I have something to solve I go on to tracking my success and I grab my buddy and we solve the problem together on our Netbooks thats why I like my Netbook.

      Online writing
   I do online writing. What we do is we write about anything we want to write about. I write about myself and also about my family also I write about my friends and all sorts of stuff.

                Online Maths
Online my learning on math whizz and xtramaths is more faster and easier than before. I now get Fractions and decimals a lot better than before.

Action World

                       Action world

My Best Highlight at Action World is when i went on trapeze it was so fun but first i was really scared. The rock climbing was really fun.

   Pictures of action world

 My writing about action world
Also i went on the slide it was so high i got so scared so i just closed my eyes and feel.  

After I went on the crazy ladder it was really wiggly i feel off it. Then everyone had a turn after me.

Later on I went on the Taupo I jumped and fell on the bouncy soft cushion. After that we went for lunch and we could have free time it was cool because we all can go on any activity we wanted. Then we  Went to pack up our stuff and go on the bus for school. It was taking a long time to go back school so i went to sleep. As we got to school we had get out the bus and put our bags in our classes and I had lunch with my other friends.

Me and Raeleen went on to Taupo i pushed raeleen then she fell down it was really fun.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Action World

My best highlight at action world was Henderson, Slide And trapeze. It was really fun and it was some times scary. First I went on the ladder then I went to the slide.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sarona Mihi

Sarona Mihi

Kia ora Koutou Kua hui mai nui ki tenei kura ki te ako I te reo Maori i nga whakaaro pai ka nui te aroha mo to koutou kaha ki te ako i te reo maori e pa ana ki tenei hui

Greetings to you all who have gathered here to this school to learn the maori language the good thoughts great is the love for your support in to learning the maori language concerning this school.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Most memorable time at school

My most memorable time.....
My most memorable time at school was when I went to Fiafia. I was so excited because I was picking a group  to be in. What I picked for my group was samoan group because I was samoan. It is so special to me because It is my own coulcher and i love being in samoan groups because they teach us a lot of dances we don’t know.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Helpng Out

( Helping Out )

It was a Saturday morning. Hayley stomped really hard around the house. She had nothing to do and no one to play with. Hayley’s mother looked at her.’I’ve got to clean the house all up so why can’t you help me with cleaning the house instead of stomping around the whole house or we can go and do something else. Hayley was so sad because her best friend moved somewhere else.

She was in a swimming squad with her. The next saturday hayley went to her mother’s shop and she was stomping around the hole shop. She saw someone that was walking past her grandmother’s shop. When she saw that a girl that looked familiar to her she said could that be amber?. When she came in the shop she said AMBER! and then she went to play with amber at school every time and she wasn't lonely.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Narrative Writing

It was a cold and windy the tree's were blowing and the wind was growling. The sky was covered my grey and white clouds. Me and my sister Yvonne went to go and play outside where it was cold and windy. The tree’s where swinging side to side it was so windy me and My sister Yvonne got blowed away from the windy wind shaking and shaking.

There was a tornado coming our way we tried to run fast but we got caught by it we could not breath. When we woke up we were blowed away by the tornado we didn’t know where we were. My Sister got so so scared.Me and My sister went to look around we were blowed away on an island which had sand and a forest around the back of it we went to see what we could find and we accidently fell in a hole.

I went to look around and i was standing on a volcano that is about to explode. then we saw another tornado my sister yvonne was frightened i said this is the only way we can go back home so we climbed up the hole and went back to the beach we got caught again by the tornado we woke up again and we were back home.

        The End

My First day at school

What do you Remember from the first day you went to school.
 I was getting reading for school with a big smile on my face. I got my bag and shoes ready I remember  my mum and Nana dropped me off to school I was only five years old. I went to the office and I had to see what classroom I was in then I had to go to room one and as I walk there I saw some people that I didn't know I was so shy. My teacher was Ms Jorge she had orange curly hair. 

Then I had to set down on the carpet she told us her name and where she was from. I went to room 9 after that year later and I met  Laita,Texas,Frankie, Jorja , Aldora, Rauf, Jayden,Sisilia, and Raeleen. But I didn't get to know some other people too. My favourite part of my first day of school is when I met people that I didn't know. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My book I chose

  I have chosen this book because it in spires me in my life and it is also about someone helping her mother clean up.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Magic Hoop and ball


Helen bouncing the basketball she took a shot in the basketball hoop. Then the basketball hoop tuned into a netball hoop. Then she took another look she had another shot then when she shot it in the basket ball hoop the basket ball turned into a netball.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Games console are dirtier than your own toilet

Games console dirtier than your toilet.

PG 1-According to the news researcher you're toys and games are more likely to be more germy than your toilet because everyone has touch every game you have played with.

PG 2- The studies that UNICEF suggest that despite an third of people thinking that the toilet seat is more likely to be dirtier but its not. It is likely more like games,Controllers toys and arms of your sofas. Yuk!

In my own words about german 10 year old boy finds a mummy

10 year old finds a mummy in his grandfather's attic.

-Start here

PG1-A German 10 year old boy has found a mummy in his grandfather's attic on the left side of there. His Grandfather  has died 12 years ago,who had travelled to north africa and also may have brought back this mummy with him before he had died.

PG2- A ct scan has found that a well preserved a human skull with an arrow sticking out of the mummys left eye socket.

PG3- At this stage authorities had not known if this mummy is really real it is from egypt  but then why is it in his grandfather's attic.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Cross Country Run

On Thursday 22th we had cross country at school. We had to get changed at Lunch because we had to run after lunch time. After that we had to line up and get ready to go to the court. It was filled with little juniors and big seniors. All of pt England students had to wait until the juniors were finished  running around the reserve. It was sunny and hot I was exhausted I was really thirsty but they wouldn't allow us to have a drink of water. Later it was our turn to go and run we had to do 2 laps around the whole field and around the whole reserve. I was really tired as the other people in our group.  As it was three o'clock the year 8 were still going and never gave up.
This is a Photo of the places we have to run.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Sarona - Creative Strand - Polynesian Woodprints

Yellow Hat - The things I enjoyed?
What I liked about this group is carving and making patterns with Ms Tito.
Also i liked spending time with my friends when I mostly don’t spend time with them sometimes. I like my designs and everybody elses designs.  

Black Hat - Which things didn’t I like?
Well I don’t like how I carve my design because it ruins it. I also don’t like when we pack up for P.E.N.N because i’m doing my designs.  

Green Hat - What was something interesting about this week?
What was really interesting about this week was how we were talking laughing and also carving out our awesome designs.

White Hat - What did I learn?
In the past few weeks i have learned about other cool and nice patterns to do when i’m bored and also how to carve out designs.

Friday, July 12, 2013

My Maths Goal for 2013

My Maths Goal for 2013

My goal is to work hard on My Math Whizz and I have to try hard to pass my Multiplication on Xtramath.

Also I have to try not talking to my friends when I am working on My maths checklist in class or in the street.

Firstly I have to try work hard at my decimals and fractions because I have trouble with doing that.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My family and friends

Start Here:
I am going to tell you about my friends. I am going to tell you their
names first.
Chloe,Martha,Helen,Sapphire,Sisilia,Sesalina,Mya,Wakatere and Htawara.

How old are they.
Chloe is 12
Martha is 11
Helen is 11
Sapphire 11
Sisilia is 12
Sesalina is 13
   Mya is 11
 Wakatere is 10 and
Htawara is 11.

Hi I’m going to tell you about what my friends and I like to do every time we are together.
Well my friends and I like to do all kinds of stuff but what we really like to do is dance, sing, play basketball and play around the whole school.

Why I like them?
Well I like my friends because they are kind and helpful every time. Whenever they see someone feeling sad they help them get back up. That is why I like them as friends.

Why they are special and funny?
My friends are special to me because they are helpful, kind and careful.
They are filled with happiness and they tell funny jokes. They tell us funny stories about themselves.  
About My friend Helen.
I’m going to tell you about my friend Helen. Helen is fun to play with, she is really kind and helpful. She is really interesting and her stories are interesting too.
What I like about her is that she is kind to us every time. She is 11 years old and she has two brothers. Her favorite hobby is rugby and basketball.

My brother’s name is Ray Vili My sisters’ names are Nu’u, Chantelle, Kathleen, Ane and Yvonne. My Mom’s name is Melissa vili.
How old are they?
Melissa is 40
Nu'u is 20
Chantelle is 17
Kathleen is 16
Ane is 11 and
Yvonne is 8

What they like to do.
My family and I like to go Sylvia Park together and we like to go to the  movies. My family is Samoan. My grandpa and nana are Samoan. Their names are Talenga Vili and Lote Vili. My Grandpa likes to walk  all the way to Mt Wellington to Panmure and my nana likes to go Glen Inners to buy some fruit and go Pak’n Save.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

About My family

About My family

This is my family.I have 5 sisters plus me is 6 one brother and a beautiful mother name Melissa vili. All My sisters names are Nu'u,Chantelle,Kathleen,Ane and Yvonne My brothers name is Ray.We live in Auckland New Zealand.

Hope you enjoyed

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


On Sunday I went to the movies with my mum and sister.  We had to get changed for the movies.  As I went to get changed my mum and sister was already changed then they went into the car. Next we had to go to the movies.  I was really excited about going to the movies.  When we got there we had to go up the stairs because my mum said. We had to pick a movie to watch so my mum picked Jack and the Giant Slayer. We went to pak n save to  get some stuff for the movies. Then we went back to see if we were late or not but we were not so we sat down on the chairs and waited for the movie to start. After that we went up to the man at the counter and gave the tickets to him for the movies. We sat down on to the chairs and waited until the movie had started.  I was very excited to watch this movie with my mum and sister.

Then the movie had started and I got a fright. Then  the movie was nearly finishing but it was really interesting it was cool watching that movie but I don’t like the giants because they were trying to kill some people from earth. My favorite part was when all of the people defeated the giants.  

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sarona and Helen deliciouse juice recipe

Recipe for our sandwich

If you want to have a taste or just make one...
has the recipe..

two slices of  white bread
three slices of avocado
two slices of  cheese
 four slices tomato
Two slices of  ham
another pile of ham
Mayo to spread all over your bread

first  you take your Mayo and spread it on  your  slices of bread.
then you take your letters and  just simply put it on you bread.
And then you put two slices of ham and another pile of ham.
On top of the ham place four slices of tomatoes on top of your ham.
Two slices of cheese on top of your tomatoes.
Then place a little bit of letters and finally place your three slices of avocado and simply put your last piece of bread on top of your avocado.

Enjoy your sandwich made by Sarona and Helen

Monday, May 13, 2013

On Thursday the 9Th of may we had assembly because a special singer was coming to our school. We didn't know who was coming to our school because Mr Burt wouldn't tell us but I  felt surprised . I was waiting for that famous person to come to our school. I thought Chris brown was coming to our school and I was so excited. We had to sing a song.Finaly Mr Burt told us who was coming to our school and he said” and we were all cheering. came in the hall with cameras crowding him. When he had came in I was cheering and clapping also everyone in Pt.England.School.

The pounamu group camera on the stage excepted for Patrick he was doing a speech in front of He got stuck on some words but he still said his speech. Pounamu group done their performance in front of everyone in the whole school. After they had done their performance in front of our guest it was time for the amazing hip hop. They had started doing their performance but the music had stopped but they co-operated and some people were embarrassed. So then the music finally started and they done their dance properly and it was really amazing. Then it was time for to talk about his life and how he’s going back to school on September. He was brought up with no dad and that was really sad. So he was nice and kind to give us one thousand hundred cheque Then we went back to class.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


One Thursday last term, we had triathlon after morning tea. We had to line up in two lines. Then we walked down to the field because that’s where we were going to have the triathlon. There were three event’s swimming, biking and running. Room nineteen was there because they were racing us at triathlon.

The first group to do the triathlon was room nineteen girls. They stepped up to the start line and had to do twenty star jumps. After they had done twenty star jumps they had to run to the transition and grab one of the bikes.  They had to put their helmet on first and then push the bikes out of transition. As they were riding the bikes all the way to the finish line we were cheering for room nineteen girls. So room nineteen put their bikes in transition and ran all the way to the finish line. Then it was time for room twenty-two they all had to bike and run. Unfortunately Room nineteen won that time, there’s always next time.

Friday, March 15, 2013

About My sister

This is my sister Yvonne. She is really annoying at home. She loves dancing to Tongan music like I do. She likes kitten but not dogs.She is scared of big spiders,sharks and rattlesnakes.She likes running and playing with her friends.

About Helen and Sapphire

Sapphire is a kind girl.She has blue eyes and she comes to Pt England School with me.She likes Music,She likes netball and she likes scary movie just a little.She has blond hair and she is kind of tall.She smiles too much it makes me smile to.

Helen is a girl with black short hair,She has dark brown eyes and she is a little smaller.She like playing with her friends and she likes Math. She is into downloading music but cool music.She laughs at every joke we tell.

About My friend Chloe

About My friend Chloe.
Chloe is My friend she was my friend when I was in room 11 and she has been my friend ever since.She comes to Pt England school she went to kindergarten with me like Mya.She has black and brown hair,she had black eyes and she is short.She loves going on internet and play games,she loves music and reading books.I really like walking around with her and talking because when I walk with her she makes funny jokes about funny stuff.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

About Mya

This is Mya Nafoi She is my  best friend.she was my friend when she was three years old. I use to go kindergarten with her. mya has black hair,black eyes and she is very tall .mya IS really kind and nice.She loves animals.She likes listening to music,she like playing with cats and she really loves to read books.Well I really like talking with her because she is so funny when she talks to me.We like talking to each other because it is fun.

Monday, March 11, 2013

What don't I get?

Today I was learning how to do this activity it was really hard.I didn't really get it.
It was really hard I needed help.There are heaps of activities that I don’t really get.At the end I got it because I practices and practices with my friends.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Digital footprint

Hi I am Sarona and I am going to tell you about a Digital footprint. Well a Digital footprint is like when you go on internet and write something like a silly comment then you are leaving a Digital footprint.When you are on facebook you are leaving a Digital footprint.Everywhere you go on internet you are leaving a Digital footprint.

Monday, March 4, 2013


This morning we all completed our first writing sample for 2013.I have posted it just as I wrote it in the 40 minutes that we were given ,so that throughout this year I will be able to look back and reflect on the progress I have made in my learning writing.I will post my goals from this soon.

Today at school it was really really interesting because I had seen some stuff missing. So at school I went to talk with my friends and my sister about it I said” did you know that something is different around here and they said” How? I said” It is quiet around here and people haven’t been to school lately. Me my friends and sister walked around school and we saw no one in there class. I told my friends Sapphire,Helen,Chloe and Mya to look around the other side of the school and me my sister will look on the other side so the did.

After that my friends came back Only Helen,Chloe and Mya were there and I said” Where is Sapphire Chloe said” She went to the toilet. So we all rushed to the toilet But When we got there Sapphire was gone.We all panicked we looked in all the toilets around the school but she wasn't there Chloe said” I’m scared should we all stay together Chloe was sweating all around her head.

Next Helen Said” stuff where missing  the chairs,computer,netbooks,book and EVERYTHING!  It was dark and cold I was freezing cold My teeth were chatering
I was shaking really fast so Me my sister and friends gathered up together so we could keep warm.Five minutes later I woke up and I saw that my sister ane was gone.I panicked really hard that something happened to me I felt unconscious and I fell down to the ground.

It was morning already and I Felt really really dizzy but I was very excited that i was with my friends.I told my friends to wake up I SHOUTED CHLOE, MYA ,HELEN WAKE UP!They all said” WHAT? and I said” please wake up ane has gone missing AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.All of a sudden I was on my desk saying AHHHHHHHHHHHHH and everyone was back my teacher Mrs Nua said”are you alright and I said”ummmm yes.

Later on after school I told my friends Sapphire,Helen,Chloe and Mya about it and they called me crazy.

Friday, February 22, 2013


We were playing touch on wednesday.I was,running,sweating and puffing.It was really hot and I was sweating.I was runing really fast and I could fill the breeze coming to me.But I was still sweating and then I got touched.So I went back to the line and the sun was on my head I was sweating really bad so I put my hat on.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Bio Poem

Child of...Melissa vili and Ray vili
Who loves…to play music.
Who hates…people waking me up early in the morning
Who wants to go to…samoa
Who wishes he/she could’ve met…swiss
Who is scared of…sharks,Big spiders and snakes
Who dreams of…going to see Nicki Minaj
Who is determined to…make things happen in the past
Who values…Kind, respected and loving
Who is proud of…Everyone
Who graduated from…Reading
Who lives… In Auckland New Zealand
Your name again Vili

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Better Together Movie

This is my movie that Cheyanne, Taeshell, Faaao and I have been working on for the past 4 days. I hope you enjoy my movie.