Friday, July 25, 2014

Information about commonwealth games.

5 Facts that I already know about the Commonwealth Games:

71 countries are competing in commonwealth games.
All sorts of sport’s are part of the commonwealth games.
Commonwealth is an olympic thing that has games where people compete in and try win medals.
It is held in every four years in every kinds of countries.
This games is to show which country has the best in talent.

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The commonwealth games are being held in Scotland.
There are 71 countries that are competing in the commonwealth games this year.
Commonwealth games are always on once every 4 years.
Sometimes in the commonwealth games people cheat and take special drugs which makes them win. But the guards check if they have any drugs in their systems then disqualify them.  
The commonwealth games are held over 11 days
There are 17 games in the commonwealth they are called Shot put, Swimming, Sprinting, Weight lifting, Javelin, Discus, Cycling, Boxing, Soccer, Wrestling, Aquatics, Badminton, Gymnastics, Hockey, Netball, Tennis and Baton relay.
The commonwealth was actually called the British Empire Games but then in 1954 it changed into commonwealth games.
Australia, Jamaica, Canada, Wales, England, Scotland and New Zealand are the only countries to have attended all the games
The commonwealth games is also known as the friendly games.
The first commonwealth games were held at Hamilton Canada in 1930.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Paragraph 1: In the holiday’s I went to the Movies with my family. I was excited to go to the movies because we were going to watch How to train a dragon 2. My family and I went to the Movies because it was my sister’s birthday. She wanted to watch Planet of the Apes but we couldn’t because it was coming late at night and my mum had work at 3:00.

Paragraph 2: I got ready to go but first I had a shower first so I can feel better before I go. Next after my shower I notice that I forgot my clothes in the garage so I went and got it. Everyone walked into the car ready to go  and I was the only one not ready so I rushed and got changed. As I finished getting changed I locked the door ran into the car and my mum drove us to Sylvia park. Putting my shoes on in the car was really exhausted because I was Scrunched up in the back with my Brother and Sister.

Paragraph 3: After that we jumped out of the car because we were at sylvia park. Then we walked in to the movies. As I was looking around I saw the movie How to Train a Dragon 2. It was coming at 12:30 so we all decided to go Burger king  and Pak n save after that. Walking to burger king was really cold because the wind was blowing on to my face. We got to Burger king and it was really warm I smelled The delicious Burger’s.

Paragraph 4: My Mum asked what we wanted and I said” I would like a $5 meal so I picked a BBQ rodeo burger with fries, a Chocolate sundae and I picked my own drink Raspberry. My family all picked what they wanted and what drink they all wanted. It was a lot of us going to the movies but it was cool that all of us could have a family day out with each other. After Burger King we all rushed down to the movies to see if we were late but we weren’t  all of us were just in time after we had went Pak n save to buy snacks for the movies.

Paragraph 5: Later on after the we all watched How to Train a Dragon 2. I had saw that people had tears in there eye’s because the movie had sad bits in it. One sad bit was when Toothless owner’s Dad died because an evil man killed him. But all of us commented to each other about the movie I said ”It was an amazing movie and it nearly brings tears to my eye’s and everyone agreed to what I had see.

Paragraph 6: We were all tired so we went home to go and have a rest but my sister Yvonne was not tired so she watched T.V until she fell asleep on the couch.

Friday, July 4, 2014

My goals

Intro: I am going to write about how I can achieve my goals by learning all the things I need to learn.
My Goals:

I am trying to achieve my goals by completing every task that I have to complete. I also am trying hard to achieve my maths and my reading by trying really hard to reach to the highest group and level. What I really need to try and achieve is my maths my reading and proof reading my writing and see if it makes sense or not. Trying to achieve my goals are really good to me because if I reach all of them then it will be a happy day for me my family and friends.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Future Aspiration

Paragraph 1: This morning woke up washed my face brushed my teeth and got ready for school. Then I went into the car excited ready to go school.  Then as I went into class we all started singing and saying the karakia. After that Miss’s Langitupu said” We all have to pack up at 9:30 because the future Aspiration people are coming to talk to us about themselves and their lives. I said to myself “Who are those Future Aspiration people and what are they going to talk to us about?. I got on with my work and I looked at the time and said “ YESSSS one more minute until we go to the street.

Paragraph 2: Then all of a sudden Miss’s Langitupu say’s “ Pack up and line up into two lines ready to go to the street we all packed up and lined up in to two lines at the door. All the classes in intermediate sat down in the street all  ready. I sat down with my class and I was already excited and happy because they were coming to talk to us. Everyone had to wait until they came inside the street I started to talk to my friends next to me I said” YAY they are coming to talk to us today”.

Paragraph 3: As I looked at the back of me I saw the Future Aspiration people coming inside of the street we all started to sing a wiata for when they come inside the street. A man named Andrew came and introduced himself to us he said “he worked at the radio station in live he also talks to the whole wide world”. Next there was a man named Sharma he was Samoan and Indian I said to my friends” WOW he doesn't look like an Samoan” that really surprised me.

Paragraph 4: So after he had introduced himself to us he told us that “he was a maths teacher at Tamaki College right down the street. He talked about his life and what he was good at he also told all of us some interesting stuff about himself that really got me to think about. After that Another man came he told us a little bit about himself his name is Faireka and he was a police officer with his police suite on. Farika wanted to be a police officer because he got inspired by his uncle from Cook Island. His uncle is an police officer in his country who protects things that need to be protected and to keep people out of trouble. Later there was a teenager named Arizona. She was a leader for her school she told us that” she was a leader because she kept on talking and the principal thought that she would be a good talker for meeting’s “. She is right she talks to much and she even talk to much when she was introducing herself to us. Arizona is a funny Teenager at the end of her talk she said to us”Try and reach to the stars and take a selfie with the universe. At the end we all gave three cheers for them when they were about to go.  Then it was finished we packed up and got ready to go home YAY!!!.