Friday, March 15, 2013

About My sister

This is my sister Yvonne. She is really annoying at home. She loves dancing to Tongan music like I do. She likes kitten but not dogs.She is scared of big spiders,sharks and rattlesnakes.She likes running and playing with her friends.

About Helen and Sapphire

Sapphire is a kind girl.She has blue eyes and she comes to Pt England School with me.She likes Music,She likes netball and she likes scary movie just a little.She has blond hair and she is kind of tall.She smiles too much it makes me smile to.

Helen is a girl with black short hair,She has dark brown eyes and she is a little smaller.She like playing with her friends and she likes Math. She is into downloading music but cool music.She laughs at every joke we tell.

About My friend Chloe

About My friend Chloe.
Chloe is My friend she was my friend when I was in room 11 and she has been my friend ever since.She comes to Pt England school she went to kindergarten with me like Mya.She has black and brown hair,she had black eyes and she is short.She loves going on internet and play games,she loves music and reading books.I really like walking around with her and talking because when I walk with her she makes funny jokes about funny stuff.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

About Mya

This is Mya Nafoi She is my  best friend.she was my friend when she was three years old. I use to go kindergarten with her. mya has black hair,black eyes and she is very tall .mya IS really kind and nice.She loves animals.She likes listening to music,she like playing with cats and she really loves to read books.Well I really like talking with her because she is so funny when she talks to me.We like talking to each other because it is fun.

Monday, March 11, 2013

What don't I get?

Today I was learning how to do this activity it was really hard.I didn't really get it.
It was really hard I needed help.There are heaps of activities that I don’t really get.At the end I got it because I practices and practices with my friends.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Digital footprint

Hi I am Sarona and I am going to tell you about a Digital footprint. Well a Digital footprint is like when you go on internet and write something like a silly comment then you are leaving a Digital footprint.When you are on facebook you are leaving a Digital footprint.Everywhere you go on internet you are leaving a Digital footprint.

Monday, March 4, 2013


This morning we all completed our first writing sample for 2013.I have posted it just as I wrote it in the 40 minutes that we were given ,so that throughout this year I will be able to look back and reflect on the progress I have made in my learning writing.I will post my goals from this soon.

Today at school it was really really interesting because I had seen some stuff missing. So at school I went to talk with my friends and my sister about it I said” did you know that something is different around here and they said” How? I said” It is quiet around here and people haven’t been to school lately. Me my friends and sister walked around school and we saw no one in there class. I told my friends Sapphire,Helen,Chloe and Mya to look around the other side of the school and me my sister will look on the other side so the did.

After that my friends came back Only Helen,Chloe and Mya were there and I said” Where is Sapphire Chloe said” She went to the toilet. So we all rushed to the toilet But When we got there Sapphire was gone.We all panicked we looked in all the toilets around the school but she wasn't there Chloe said” I’m scared should we all stay together Chloe was sweating all around her head.

Next Helen Said” stuff where missing  the chairs,computer,netbooks,book and EVERYTHING!  It was dark and cold I was freezing cold My teeth were chatering
I was shaking really fast so Me my sister and friends gathered up together so we could keep warm.Five minutes later I woke up and I saw that my sister ane was gone.I panicked really hard that something happened to me I felt unconscious and I fell down to the ground.

It was morning already and I Felt really really dizzy but I was very excited that i was with my friends.I told my friends to wake up I SHOUTED CHLOE, MYA ,HELEN WAKE UP!They all said” WHAT? and I said” please wake up ane has gone missing AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.All of a sudden I was on my desk saying AHHHHHHHHHHHHH and everyone was back my teacher Mrs Nua said”are you alright and I said”ummmm yes.

Later on after school I told my friends Sapphire,Helen,Chloe and Mya about it and they called me crazy.