Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Games console are dirtier than your own toilet

Games console dirtier than your toilet.

PG 1-According to the news researcher you're toys and games are more likely to be more germy than your toilet because everyone has touch every game you have played with.

PG 2- The studies that UNICEF suggest that despite an third of people thinking that the toilet seat is more likely to be dirtier but its not. It is likely more like games,Controllers toys and arms of your sofas. Yuk!

In my own words about german 10 year old boy finds a mummy

10 year old finds a mummy in his grandfather's attic.

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PG1-A German 10 year old boy has found a mummy in his grandfather's attic on the left side of there. His Grandfather  has died 12 years ago,who had travelled to north africa and also may have brought back this mummy with him before he had died.

PG2- A ct scan has found that a well preserved a human skull with an arrow sticking out of the mummys left eye socket.

PG3- At this stage authorities had not known if this mummy is really real it is from egypt  but then why is it in his grandfather's attic.