Monday, March 31, 2014

Fia Fia

                      Fia Fia

Paragraph 1: On Thursday I went to the street for hip hop. I went to sit down so when the teacher comes I am all sorted and ready. I saw my friends and I told them to sit next to me.

Paragraph 2: As the teacher was walking into the street we all sat up and waited until Miss King came into the street too. She came and she said” Good after noon year 7’s and 8’s.

Paragraph 3: We had to get up and go into our four lines that we were in before. I was in the front line with some year 8’s and 7’s. I was excited about doing the performance in front of audiences when Fia Fia comes on.

Paragraph 4: We all danced with the music on and we knew it off by heart. We were all happy when we learnt the dance and we all got it right.

Paragraph 5: After that we had to go because it was nearly time to go home. My favorite part was the minion part to the song happy and also seeing the smiles on peoples faces when they danced.   

Friday, March 28, 2014

Sports at Tamaki College

Sports At Tamaki College

Planning Writing:
-WHere was this Held: Located in Glen Innes/ Tamaki Feld
-WHat were we Playing: Rats and Rabbits/ Trust FALL.
-Who was in our group: Sarona, Gianna, Martha, Levi, Jaden, Korobeau, Jabez and Frankie.
- What happened next?

Paragraph 1: On Friday 21ST 2014. I Went to Tamaki  College with all the year 7’s and year 8’s. We had lined up into two lines Boys and girls. As we got there we sat  down on the grass and we had to listen to the teacher that is talking.

Paragraph 2: We had got put Into groups. The people who were in my group was Martha, Gianna, Jabez, Frankie, Levi, Jaden and  KoroBeau . We just had a little chat and see what we were playing.

Paragraph 3: What we were playing is trust fall. What trust fall IS People have to go into a line but they have to be facing their partners Then a boy has to Go on top of the table and they have to fall. SOme people took long Like Martha, Jaden and me but then me and Jaden fell.

Paragraph4: After that we played Rats and Rabbits. Rats and rabbits is like if the person who is the boss then if she says rats the rats have to run away from the rabbits and if she calls out rabbits then the rabbits have to run away and the rats have to chase after them.
Paragraph 5: I was really scared because I kept on looking on the ground and They cheered me up, then I fell Straight down properly but Martha Did not because she was moving to much because she was scared as well.

Paragraph 6:  At last we had a drink and then we had to go back and say goodbye to them. It was really cool everytime we go Tamaki college. We go there so we could get out of learning and so we could spend time with the Tamaki college Students.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cyclone Lusi

Cyclone brainstorm:
Tornado, Windy, Floody, Heavy rain, Dark/Cloudy, Cold, House busted down, people die, power cuts, Storm Lightning, gale force wind, huge waves, falling trees, Buildings busting down, people flying and mudslides.

1: What is a cyclone?
2: Explain what happens during a cyclone.
3: What was the weather like in the weekend?
4: How can people prepare for a cyclone? (e.g. how to keep safe )

Paragraph 1:  A cyclone is a windy dark and cloudy kind of thing. House busted down when a tornado comes. It also can make people die and there can be power cuts anytime. There are always falling trees also storm lighting. Heavy rain comes and it gets flooded.

Paragraph 2: What happens in a cyclone is that there are people flying in to the air people dieing because there are tornados trees falling on peoples houses and buildings.

Paragraph 3: The weather in the weekend was windy rainy but it wasn't that heavy like it was supposed to be in a cyclone. Leaves on the tree fall down when heavy rain comes and pushes it down from the tree.

Paragraph 4: People need to get lots of food and water so they can keep safe when there is a cyclone. They have to use that food and water to keep them and other people safe.
pARAGRAPH 5: During a cyclone I would same my family friends and also the animals. I would run for my life with all my families and friends. A cyclone is really windy and stormy thats why I would rather same my family friends and animals instead of running for my life by myself.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fia Fia

P1: Every Thursday I go to Fia Fia Practice in the Street with all My friends and all the Hip-Hop people. We listen to the song that we are going to dance and we put some new dance moves in. The song has to have feelings in it. It has got good words about feelings.

P2: What we do is we listen to the song and we Practice and Practice our moves until we get it right. It is actually fun but some of us where really tired because they weren’t trying hard.

p3: Hip-Hop is really cool and all the people are awesome. My friends and I look carefully at our leaders so we can get the moves right and we can learn it fast. It makes me feel really good about dancing in front of everyone when I’m shy.

P4: Fia Fia is really cool because you can go up the stage and show the audience you're dance moves you have learned over the past few days. I am so excited about Fia Fia because everyone will be happy about there kids Performance.   


Friday, March 7, 2014


Sketchup is a tool that anyone can use like Students, parents and also Teachers. We create 3D objects for any Students who want to use objects. We can use it on a Netbook or a computer and any other tool you are using.

Sketchup is also a programme to design 3d projects for Young Students and also older people. But only yr 8s or yr 7s use it at school for learning how to use it. It is used for  Making, Creating, architecture or building.

Sketchup is a programme that you need to download on our netbook or computer.