Monday, October 31, 2011


On Tuesday we were glad to be back to school. As we entered the hall we noticed that teachers were dressed up in costumes.When we were all at Assembly we sat down and waited. Fird up Mr Burt explained the Manaiakalani story then he announced the Team 1 item.

Their item was about where the sun is. They made a movie about them looking for the sun. It was pretty funny. They painted a sun with orange paint. It looked like a real sun. Suddenly Team 1 put the sun up on the wall with the stapler then they put their glasses on and went outside to enjoy the sun with their friends .

Later on Mr Burt said, “Its time for team 2” then all the kids started to clap. Team 2 went up the stage because they were going to do their space rap. They had black clothes ,white gloves, boxes on their head and lights on the boxes. It was about all the different planets in our solar system.

Next it was Team 3’s turn. Team 3 showed a space movie about how the astronauts go to the toilet in space. They put the vacuum in the toilet so if you want to do anything the vacuum will suck it down to the toilet. The man said if you see a shooting star it might be one of your kaka because the astronauts send it out of their spaceship to burn up in the earth’s atmosphere.

Next it was time for team 4 to come up onto the stage. Team Four was dressed as ballerinas. They were doing twinkle twinkle little star. They had pom poms and dresses to wear. When they were starting to do their dance it was funny and cool. The best part was when Mr Marks went past and nearly fell down on the stage. But luckily Mr Marks went to the other side fast.

Lucky it was the last last team that was going up and it was team 5 that was up next but they made a movie it was like the other team that done a movie .So the movie was about to come on so we waited when we waited the movie was coming on .So it came on and we were clapping fast so we can watch the movie the movie came on and we saw some of the teachers that was at our school .It was funny because Mr Harris was the princess and he was funny at being the princess.

My best part was Team 5 because Mr Harris was the princess from Star Wars and one of the lady teachers who was a girl was Mr Harris’ husband. That was my best part it was funny when I watched it.

I really liked Assembly I am furred to learn about more space.