Monday, June 18, 2012

About Me

Hello my name is sarona fui fui vili I am 10 years old and My birthday is on february 7th.

I am samoan and live in new zealand I have 5 sisters plus me is 6 and I have 1 brother.

My street is 74 court cresent I share rooms with my two sisters their name are Ane and kathleen me and my twin ane has a bunk and my sister has her own bed But it’s big .We have 4 bed rooms and our lounge is big.

My school is Pt.England and I have a netbook Like Everyone Else does.We have two playgrounds for little kids and the other playground is for the big kids .

I have a garage in the front near the deck at my house but our Cousin use to live in our garage but they moved because they had a house that they bought.

Thank you for looking in my blog bye bye.


  1. Hello Sarona,
    Sounds like you have a big family.
    Good Sentences and I hope you remembered your cap locks and full stops, Can't wait until the holiday's start.
    By Sesalina..

  2. Hello Sarona
    It sounds like you have a big family and you have good sentences and every thing you need to add for writing is in there. Nice writing Sarona love you work.
    By Raeleen.

  3. Hello Sarona,

    It Is Ane your Twin nice picture.

    From Ane

  4. Hello Sarona,

    Hi Sarona it's yvonne your sister. You have a Great smile.Fantastic now everyone can see your face on your blog keep the smiles up.

    From Yvonne


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