Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sarona Assebly

“oh my gosh guess what I got to tell you today” There’s assembly this morning.

On Monday it was the first day of school. Room 15 was walking to assembly. As i walked into  the hall I saw the teachers dressed up some teachers were dressed up like flowers and some were dressed up like painters and all kinds of stuff.

As Mr Burt came into the hall he was dressed up like a skeleton he looked really scary and cool .

It was about art that's why they were dressed up every teacher had to do a movie or they had to get on the stage and do something.

Team 1 was up first they done a movie there was 4 teachers in the movie they painted their self one teacher had a tiger on her face the other teachers had all kinds of animals like a zebra, cheetah and leopard .

After team 1 was finished team 2 came up and they were doing a movie and something else .

The movie was about shapes and stuff it was a cool movie then team2 went up the stage and one teacher was painting a picture of  flowers like a daisy and a nice long flower that looked like a tree it was yellow and green the other flowers was felled of heps of colors around them next they belled down and said”thank you.After it was time for team 3 team 3 was telling us what color they like and Miss Nua gave Mr barks a red glove and he said” this color makes me angry and mad.

so he went up the stage and he said he is going to scream so he went away and screamed really loud I AM SO ANGRY !!!!!. And then he said” ahh this is more better .

then Miss Squires gave a chicken to Mr barks and Mr barks said “ oh this is my favorite color yellow it makes me want to dance then Mr j turned on the music for Mr barks was dancing really funny pt England school was laughing hard out then he stopped dancing and was talking about another color and the teacher came with a blue pillow and he said” blue makes me cry then he was crying .

Later it was time to go to the classroom  and this song was playing but we had to say a pray first Mr Burt was saying a pray then it was time to go the music was an olden day song i think it was .

thank you for looking in my writing hope you
liked it I hope you really really like my writing.


  1. Good start to the term Sarona.

    I really like that you want to write so much and that you have included a hook to begin your writing.

    I think you should edit this post by checking that you have capital letters and full stops in the right place.

    When you are writing next time, I would like you to take your time editing and make sure that you have read it out aloud.

    Well done.

  2. hi Sarona great story on your blog and great photo that you draw keep it up

  3. Hello Sarona,

    I like your blog background it looks all some.I like the movie I think it will look cool with a friend well I cant want for your next post


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