Wednesday, June 22, 2011


The Skateboard was invented in 1950. Across California surfers got the idea of skating, which meant the surfers surfed the street.

No one knows who really invented the first skateboard. Several people 
came up with a similar idea at the same time.

Eventually they turned the boxes into planks of wood and they took the wheels off the rollerskates to use.  After this the surfer think it is fun.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


My goal for this year is to learn. I think I need to learn maths to reach my bigger goal of being a teacher. I wish that I was a teacher because It’s so cool to be a teacher You can go on your laptop. Also when I’m bigger I want to be a good netball player. It is so cool playing netball and I’m a big net ball Fan. I want people all shouting my name.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


In the holidays I went to youth pride. I was sacred to go to youth pride. It was so scary when I went up to say my name. But it was so cool too when I went to youth pride because we got free sausages for lunch.  I already had some food in my bag for me and my brother. 

I had lots of fun at youth pride . After we had lunch we went back inside. We were going to play this game called the shape game. It was a cool game to play.  Later in the afternoon we had prizes to give out to all of us. The boss said to all of us at the end of the youth pride we get five dollars . I was so happy that we were going to get five dollars. That was the best day of my life. As I went outside I saw my mum and she asked if it was cool and I said, "Yes."


My family comes from Samoa and some of my family came from Tonga . My Mum was born in Samoa with her sisters and brothers. She came to new Zealand with my dad and my Nana . When my Mum was in New Zealand she had babies like me and my sisters and My brother . I just have 1 brother and 5 sisters plus me is six . I live in Glen Innes with all my sisters and 1 brother. and some times I go to my Nanas to sleep over and some times I don’t go back to my house were I live but stay with Nana . I like my family . It is so cool when I go to my nanas house and it is fun.


when I was at camp I went to swim with our team and the other teams at Samarium.
I was so happy because I was having a race even though I was the last one to have a race.
every time I have a race though I mostly come last After that all of camp people
had some morning tea because they were so hungry and thirsty.
Later we were allowed to have free time in the pool but the year 5’s weren’t allowed until later.
when the big kid’s went in to the big out side pool the little kid’s wasn't allowed to go in the big pool
when the big kid’s where in it the little kid’s where allowed in it and when I went in the big pool
I felt like I was in the North Poul and i felt like I was at North Poul and freezing to heaven.
after that miss garden had to pick how is going to be on the slid and I said please pick respond stars and she did and when I got up the slid I was could and my feet was so could to I was happy and when I went in the hydroslide because it was so cool for me and my group. When we went out of the slide I felt a shock of cold when I went out side . It was cool after I went on the slide because I saw people playing. that was cool at the pools with all of the campers.


My friends are Sisilia, Martha, Efilona, and Raeleen . My best friend Sisilia is in my class room now and has been in the same class as me since 2009.. My other good friend is Martha and she likes to play netball. She is 9 and she was in my class with me and Sisilia. Efilona likes to sing and dance like me. My other friend Raeleen likes to sing because she wants to be a famous singer.I like to dance with my friends because my friends are my best friends and some times we do not be friends because some of my friends do not want to be my friend and that is sad for me but some of my friends be my friend and that is so cool if some of my friends be my friend . I really will be their friend for ever .

In the weekends

In the weekend I went to pick up my friend because we wanted her to come to our house . And she was In side getting change . When she was getting change we went to go and see her up her room . as we went up to see her she was so existed and I was to . later on we were going to silver park to get some food for all of us . it was so cool when we went to silver park and my friend was to . after we went home but we went to her house first because she Left her stuff . later on in the after noon we were eating chips and some peanuts . it was so yummy . that was so cool with my friend but she felt like she was my sister to me . later we went to sleep in the lounge .

Thursday, June 2, 2011

When we had glee I was nervous but miss m said just stand up and look at the exit and show off.
so we went to get Chang and we had to line up in to our group.after we had to do it but we had time to have a rest and then we had to get to our dance line I was so nervous to dance but I just
stood up and smiled to to pt England school. but I was tyring not to smile at pt England school
but I just had to smile at pt England . and miss m was doing a pray for pt England and Athena
had to do it to I think she was scared to do it but she was good at doing it. after we done our glee
dance we got to do our other dance to our glee and we had to do our rape for pt England and when we were singing the rape I felt like my vice was low like nothing . after that it was finished then we went out to the music room to say our pray and that but miss m was so happy and said that it was so cool and I hope that we wasn't nervous up the stage and in front of pt England. later it was lunch time and people said that glee dance was cool and we were happy and happy but when Thai said that I was laughing at my self because I fault that that was so funny the glee dance . but Thai said it was so cool.after lunch we had to go to miss m and we had to get a ice block. I was happy and all of glee was happy to. after school I was so existed because miss m
said we were so good at dancing and doing the rape . this morning we went to miss m but early in the morning we had to be at school but it was so early that I wanted to go sleep but we were having chips and having a worm drink. that was so cool doing our dance in front of pt England. I hope that was cool who ever was watching glee and I hope that it wasn't boring and I hope it was cool but it was not boring the glee Mr Burt said that was so cool glee people how ever was in it in front of pt England school. that was so cool said my friend realeen and Hayley and she was happy to see the glee dance and I felt so happy to and me my friend’s in glee and how wasn't in glee went to have lunch in the hall with all the glee.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


On Monday I went to the swimming pools with my class. I had to get my togs and all of my class had to, too. I was so excited because we were going to the pools. As soon we went in the pool we had to get changed in to our togs. When I was changed I went for a shower so we could get warm. After I had a shower I felt a shock of cold. As I went in to the pool I submurged underneath the water. I felt very warm . On my way to the other side of the pool I glided gracefully underneath the water. When I made it I felt excited.