Friday, December 12, 2014

My art work

In my class the year 8’s are doing art and using a panel to create designs with three other peoples designs on it. But when we draw our design’s we have to make sure that it is Samoan patterns and that the patterns are not to small.

In our panels the patterns we design have to mean something in your family and it also has to represent you too. In my design my patterns represent me and everyone in my family because it has a flower that show’s people in my family who has passed and the other part represents me because it has a design that I like and also a design that has my culture in it.

When we paint our designs we only have to use four colour white, red, yellow mixed with orange and black. First we had to use the light colours and the the dark after it so the dark wouldn’t overtake the light bits. I coloured my back round white first then I started using the other four colours.

So after I have finished colouring my design I had to do the outline black so that you could see the flower properly.  My design that I made kind of doesn’t look like a flower but once I have put my outline in it will.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

My art work

In my class the year 8’s are doing art and using a panel to create designs with three other peoples designs on it. But when we draw our design’s we have to make sure that it is Samoan patterns and that the patterns are not to small.

In our panels the patterns we design have to mean something in your family and it also has to represent you too. In my design my patterns represent me and everyone in my family because it has a flower that show’s people in my family who has passed and the other part represents me because it has a design that I like and also a design that has my culture in it.

When we paint our designs we only have to use four colour white, red, yellow mixed with orange and black. First we had to use the light colours and the the dark after it so the dark wouldn’t overtake the light bits. I coloured my back round white first then I started using the other four colours.

So after I have finished colouring my design I had to do the outline black so that you could see the flower properly.  My design that I made kind of doesn’t look like a flower but once I have put my outline it will.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Every week on Thursday’s some of the year 8’s and 7’s from class 1,2 and 4 go to technology at Tamaki College. The subjects at tech are Cooking, Graphics and hard material.

This term my technology activity is hard material. At hard materials we make really cool things over their like houses, diamonds, sun shines and all sorts of things.

Mr Grundy is the teacher of hard materials he is a really strict man sometimes. Miss Heka is a teacher of cooking she is a kind women but when something goes wrong he gets angry. Lucky last Mr Pineda he is the teacher of Graphics he is an awesome man who never gets angry.

What my favorite subject at tech is Cooking because we get to make delicious food. Also my other favorite thing is graphics because we can do lot’s of fun things with paper.

Friday, November 28, 2014


Hook: Athletics is on today Nooo!


Paragraph 1: “Oh no as I said walking to school there is athletics today. When I got to school I saw all the athletics gear on the field. Children were jumping and playing with the gear.

Paragraph 2: As the bell rang to go to morning tea everyone got their bags so they could get change into their house colours. After everyone had played the second bell had rung to go class.

Paragraph 3:  Then we put all our things away and went down to the netball courts where we had to sit down and line in to our lines. It was getting really hot so I had a drink of water before we all do our activities.

Paragraph 4: Waiting and Waiting until we went to do our activities Miss V said” all the year 8’s and 7’s can go do their activities now. We hopped up and started to walk to our activities. First we went to Javelin with our Leaders. Mr Barks was the one who was doing Javelin for us.

Paragraph 5: He had to talk to us about safety rules and also instructions and then we started. When we people in front of us had a turn it looked really easy, but when it was my turn it was a little bit hard because I didn’t know how to hold it. So when we had another turn again I got used to it and I was really happy.

Paragraph 6: Then after we had tried all the other activities it we went to shotput and some other groups where just finishing their turns. Finally it was our turn I got ready to go up but I had to wait for long because people were a little scared to throw it.   

Paragraph 7: Later after all that we went to the courts so we could go class and get ready to go home. We all walked straightly in a line to the courts and sat down quietly. When everyone came and sat down Miss Va'afusuaga told us how amazing we were and told us that we are going to finish off some of our activities on monday Then we all finally went home.

Future Aspiration

                                          Future Aspiration
It was 8:34 in the morning when I heard that Visitors were coming over to our school so they could talk about their past and their future. I said to myself “ Oh this is going to be another Future Aspiration talk”. It is when special people come over and talk about themselves.

It seemed like everyone was really excited to see them come because there can be very funny people. So when the clock turned to 9:30 am we all packed up ready for them to come. My stomach was feeling funny because I was really happy and excited.

As I was looking at the door waiting for them to come in hmmmm” I wonder what they are going to look like?. Finally one minute later they came walking inside everyone started to clap and clap happily “Wow with excitement I said”.

Mr Burt said a Karakia for us to start the day. Next Mr Patterson introduced the visitors to us but first Mr Burt introduced his best friend Anthony he is one of our students Dad. Then  it was Mr Patterson’s turn to speak he had first introduced a man named Anthony but he is another man, he works at a place where kids have dreams and he helps them to make it come true.

After Anthony Mr Patterson introduced someone else it was a teenager her name was Amelia she is a fashion maker. Lucky last there was another teenager his name was Paula he is a man who goes around the world and talks about stop bullying people and helping other people to face their fears around their enemies.

When they had all talked about themselves we watched a little video where a boy was talking in front of lot’s of visitors. He was a samoan and he was actually good at talking in front of them. What he had said” is that this is what he was praying for but he was a funny boy.

Later the prefects gave each one of the visitors a present and said” On behalf of our school we would like to thank you for taking some of your time off and coming to talk to us and we all clapped happily.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Meeting Robyn Lamont

On Thursday 13 2014 all the year 8’s met Robyn Lamont. She is an artist that loves to draw pictures and add lot’s of other details that could make her painting look realistic.

When Robyn Lamont came into  the intermediate building everyone clapped with excitement and surprise.  All the year 8’s went into class 5 so we could learn more about her life.

Next we went to sit down and get ready to listen more about herself. We all greeted Robin again so she would feel more welcome into Pt England School.  So Robin Lamont told us a little more about herself.

After that Mr Barks gave us each a paper and pencil to draw with. Robyn Lamont showed us one of her famous pictures that she has drawed. It was so filled with bright colours and beautiful patterns.

Everyone followed her drawing steps so we could know how to draw her famous painting.  First we started with the easy bits and then drawed all the hard bits . Her drawing was really integrate to me because all the shapes that she drawed  came together like a realistic painting.

Then we started on our drawing Robyn came to check around to see if  we had done a good job drawing. Robyn went around and told people about their drawings there were really amazing drawings like Robin’s.

But we didn’t have that much time to draw other things. So we stopped and pasted all the pencil’s and papper’s into a pile. As we finished doing that we sat down quietly and then said “ Bye Robyn see you again on friday. We had finished our first lesson with her so we need 2 more lessons with her Yay!

My Tapa pattern

My Tapa Pattern.jpg
This is a Tapa pattern that I drew in my class for art. Everyone in my class room and Class 1 made one of these. We had to draw Samoan patterns on our brown paper bag.

A Tapa cloth comes from the Pacific and other countries like Tonga, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, New Caledonia and the Malaysian Islands of Fiji.

On my bag I have drew a Samoan Fern, Superman logo, flower and another flower on the otherside. I choose these kinds of patterns because it has style and it mean a lot more to me.

All the designs that I have drawed each have meanings. The Fern (Manulua) means bringing two groups and families together. The flower (Taualuga) means a traditional samoan dance. The dance brings other different kinds of cultures together. This is another samoan flower it means that it represents the people that have past away from families. The superman design means representing special people who have saved other people or help them.

Step 1: Get one piece of brown paper bag.
Step 2: Get crayons, pencil and ruler.
Step 3: Find a pattern or design to draw.
Step 4: Use your pencil and ruler to make a frame on the ends.
Step 5: Start drawing you're four patterns or one whole pattern.
Step 6: After drawing all your patterns get your crayons and colour every design or pattern any colour you want.
Step 7:  Then scrunch your paper up to make it look like a real Tapa cloth.
Step 8: Later get brown dye and dye over your drawing.  

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Year 8 camp

P1: On the first day of year 8 camp we all went for a long walk and also hiking too. What we had done first is we had morning tea when we had got to the beach at Marsden bay.

P2: As we finished our morning tea we had to take our shoes and socks off because we were going to cross the river so we could get to the otherside.

P3: But first we had to line up and sit down so Miss Nua could tell us what to do so we could be safe walking across. So after she had finished talking to us we had to find a partner to come and cross the river with us.

P4:Each of us found a partner and I had my best friend Chloe. Getting inside the river was scary because I thought there would be fish swimming but the water as really clear to see. When Chloe and I put our feet inside the water it was really cold so I could tell that the water was fresh.

P5: Ahhhh I was chilled and relaxed when I got into the river. I thought it would be really cold for me but it wasn’t. It was chilly but good because it was a hot and sunny day.

P6: Finally we had made it to the other side of the river. Everyone of us had to put our shoes back on when we got to the other side. Walking up the hill into two lines was tiring because we had to wait for people who were on top of the hill.

P7: I had to stop lot’s of times to take a breath so I wouldn’t have to stop when people are at the back of me. All of us had to be careful because it was slippery when you go up some hills and down. Some places have holes but we had to be really really careful to not step inside them because you would be stuck all the way down and it would be really scary.

P8: It was getting really hot I couldn’t be bothered to walk any longer I just wanted to jump inside the deep cold water but it was too far and too long.

P9: Waiting and Waiting until we got to the end for a break. I looked all the way up to see what they were doing and they were going to do the hiking. I was scared that I was going to let go of the rope but I didn’t everyone had to do it but some went the harder way which rocks and sea where.

P10: Yeah! with excitement I shouted. We were at the end of walking I was exhausted as everyone else was too. Then later after that we walked all the way to the beach and then went to camp.  

Robin Williams

Robin Williams is a famous celebrity who is a comedian that loves to be on camera. When he first became famous  he was only a teenager. He is also in lot’s of movies because he is a movie star.

There are heaps of interesting things about Robin Williams when he was a little child. Everytime he would always be in a movie he would be positive and happy because he is excited about it.

What I like about Robin Williams is he always entertains people when he is on movies. Also what I love about Robin is that he never get’s tired of being a movie star or being on camera.

But sadly Robin Williams died on August 11th 2014 when he was only 64 years old. He had committed suicide because he had problems. So Robin is now in Heaven With his other families that have past on.  

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 10.56.57 am.png

Class 1 and Class 5 have been drawing their own avatar’s to put up. What they have to do is colour their picture their house colour that they are in and they could draw any picture they would like. I drawed a picture of a samoan flower with samoan patterns on it. I designed this picture because it is my culture and my house colour. So after we have finished drawing our avatar we mailed it to our teachers so they could print it out and put it up as our name.  

Colour Wheel

Primary colour is colours that combines together.

Tertiary colour is when you mix a primary colour or two secondary colours.

A secondary colour is a colour made by mixing two or more primary colours in a given colour space.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Assembly (Term 4)

Paragraph 1: In the morning I woke up and I just remembered that it was the start of term 4. I was excited that Me and all the year 8’s have one more term to go. When I got to school I saw my two friends Gianna and Martha and I said hi to them.

Paragraph 2: Walking into the breeze with them I saw that this year’s topic is Art attack Yay!!  I was so happy that we all were getting to draw things that we like. We went to class getting ready for assembly I felt really Determined to go to assembly because all the teachers got to do  items that show’s art in it.

 Paragraph 3: When we got to class we had to put our bags away and get ready to line up for assembly. As we were walking to the hall I saw that some junior classes weren’t in the hall so we had to wait for a while. Then all the junior classes started to come inside the hall and sit down quietly.

Paragraph 4: Mr Burt said” Good morning pt england and we all said” Good morning Mr Burt. We first done the national anthem and then Team items came on.

Paragraph 5: First team 1 came on and they showed us that they were at the beach, river and having a picnic. Mr J was painting a picture of Point England beach and people kayaking. Next Team 2 went up, Team 3 went up, team 4 and the last group was team 5.

Paragraph 6:  My favorite Item was team 5 because they were drawing pictures of Mr Jacobsen, Mrs Jarman and Mr Burt it really looked artistic. All the teachers in team 5 had partners and drawed each of those people.    
Immersion Assembly.JPG

Friday, October 17, 2014

The holidays ( Power cut)

Paragraph 1: It was Thursday when me and my family all noticed our power went off. We all thought that we didn’t pay our power bill but we were wrong. Everyone in Glen Innes power had been cut off because their was a big fire between the power.

Paragraph 2: As it was getting darker my mum thought we should get some candles and light it up. When we all where looking for candles I looked on the shelf and I saw lots of candles and we could each have one.

Paragraph 3: Lighting the candle up was kind of hard because when I would always light it up the candle will always drip and burn my skin. Finally the candle lit up and we could all light up the other candles to see properly.

Paragraph 4: Next my sisters, brother, cousins and I decided we should play hide and seek so we done coconut coconut crack. When we were nearly finished choosing who would be the counter and find them I was the one who was in. So everyone had to hide inside the garage and I would have to try and find them.
Paragraph 5: Ready or not here I come I said. I went under the garage door and all I could hear and see was nothing it was dark and everybody were in their hiding spot. It was a little bit hard to see but I could find my way around the garage.

Paragraph 6: Looking and Looking around the garage and all I see is this black shadow moving so I went to check it out and I touched AHHHHH! the shadow screamed it was my big sister she was frightened because I touched her.

Paragraph 7: I had to find all of them but it was getting a little bit boring because I couldn’t find them. But I found all of them yes so I thought if the hide and seek was boring we all should play cards then. We all went inside and played cards and my other cousin went to lie down and sleep. We all were getting real tired of playing cards so we told scary stories.

Paragraph 8: We each had a turn of telling stories they were really scary that some of us went to bed because they didn’t want to hear any more scary stories. But then my little cousin got her ballerina toy and started to play with it the song was really scary because that was the song that was on The conjurings.

Paragraph 9: We all finally were going to sleep but first we all prayed one by one and fell asleep.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Handsketball (Modified sport)

Handsketball from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.


Cats are small mammals with soft fur like other animals. They are sometimes really high pou but mostly some other cats are really lazy. Some cats are really intelligent because they eat lots of healthy food. Cats need lots of cat milk so they could keep hydrated.  

Kittens grow up to be a cats. Cats have little babies and they are called kittens. Kittens are similar to human babies they come out with their eyes all closed. Kittens have to eat from their mothers breast’s but sometimes humans get little kitten bottles and help the kittens drink the milk from the bottle.

Monday, September 22, 2014



Hook: Yay! Can't wait until I can't wait until I hold Anais.

Paragraph1 : On Sunday 21st of September I went to visit my sister Chantelle in the hospital. She just had a newborn baby girl named Anais. Chantelle was really happy because she had a baby girl and she wanted it to be a girl so it could grow up and have a good life like her.

Paragraph 2: As we went to visit Chantelle my mum forgot that she left Anais clothes so we reminded her. But we didn’t have time to go back to the house and go get it because we were already in Glen Innes.

Paragraph 3: Driving to the hospital in the car was annoying because I was sitting in the middle with my two sisters on the side and they couldn’t stop leaning on me because they were colouring in some pictures.

Paragraph 4: I was excited and happy because I was going to see Anais again and I get to hold her for the first time Yay!!! I couldn’t wait until I got to hold her because she is so small and soft also I really like feeling her cheeks it is soft like squishy marshmallows.

Paragraph 5: When we got to the hospital we jumped out of the car because my mum had to find a car park. My sister’s, Nana and I walked in the entrance and it was warm but outside was really cold because the wind was blowing on to our face’s.

Paragraph 6: We all walked until we got to the elevator I pushed number 5 so we could go up and and see her. We had to follow my sister because she knew where her room was and we didn’t.

Paragraph 7: Walking and walking but finally we got to her room she was sitting on her bed with Anais. Anais was sleeping on Chantelle’s arm she is really small I was looking at her and I wasn’t ready to hold her because I was scared that I was going to drop her.

Paragraph 8: After that I went to hold Anais she was really small I was feeling her cheeks it was so mushy and soft. I was happy that I got to hold her for the first time but later on she had to get put into her bed with blue lights because she didn’t have enough blue light and she started to get yellow like sunlight.

Paragraph 9: Later on we had to go home because my little cousin’s mum was waiting for her at our house so we left. Finally we got home and I went to watch T.V because it was so boring just sitting down in the lounge.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Cross country

Hook: Oh my gosh I wonder what cross country is going to be like today.

Paragraph 1: On Thursday it was cross country. Cross country is an event and everyone does it at their school. I was so excited that I was going to run with my friends.  When I got to school I forgot that I had left my things at home. Luckily I had a spare T- shirt in my bag.

Paragraph 2: At school a couple of  people wagged just because they did not want to run cross country, but little children came to run. Some parents came along to watch their children and cheer them on.

Paragraph 3:  In cross country younger children run before the older ones because little children need to go home earlier. Once the bell had rung after lunch time, we had to go on the courts and sit down in our teams, ready to listen.

Paragraph 4:While waiting until it was our turn, I thought that I should go and wet my feet, because it was getting a bit hot. Chloe went to wet her feet too, so I was thinking I should wet her, and I did. The water was really fresh and cold. Chloe started screaming because of how cold it was.

Paragraph 5: After getting a little bit wet we saw that the year 8’s and 7’s were going on the bottom field to watch the little children. Chloe and I had to go with them. We all were watching the little children finish at the finish line and cheering them on. Next we were watching the year 7’s and 8 boys run 2 laps around the reserve.

Paragraph 6: Later on it was our turn because all the year 7’s and 8’s boys finished their 2 laps. They were really exhausted and sweaty. My heart was beating when I got up because I was shy and scared that I will be coming last. So all the year 8 girls and 7 girls walked to the start of the line on the top field. All of the year 7 and 8 girls looked confident but my friends didn't they were shivering because they were really scared about running.

Paragraph 7:  Starting on the start line getting ready to run was really scary. Mr Burt said “On your marks get set GO!!! and we started to run, some people sprinted but I just jogged so I wouldn’t start to get tired half way. As I was running I felt a little bit sweaty because the sun was just shining on my face like a light bulb.

Paragraph 8:  I was halfway to the finish line and I stopped because I was exhausted and really tired. I saw some of the year 7’s girls  running in front of me and they were nearly to the finish line going for another race. I was running to the finish line and I could hear people cheering me on, I was really happy that I made it and I was on my second run.

Paragraph 9: Running and running trying my best to get halfway to the bottom field was hard because I had to try and breath the best I could. I couldn’t stop running because I just wanted to finish the cross country with a smile on my face. As I was running I saw Chloe and Ane so I tried to catch up to them but it was really hard. I finally catches up to them and we were halfway to the finish line. We got to the finish line and I was huffing and puffing and all the student’s and teacher's cheered for all of us. Yay!!!!! we were finished.

Friday, September 12, 2014


paragraph 1: On thursday I went to the disco with my sister’s at 5:30. We went to the disco at school and it cost $3:00. First we had a shower and got changed. Next we went to Glen Innes to buy glow in the dark bracelets and when my mom came we went to Pak’n save to buy snacks.

Paragraph 2: After that my mum came with us to go and pick up one of my friends Gianna in the car. When we got to Gianna’s house we saw that there were no lights on but just the T.V.

Paragraph 3: My sister went to go and check if she was coming. But when she went to knock on the door no one would answer it. So she tried again and Gianna answered the door. My sister said “are you coming? and she said yes.

Paragraph 4: Gianna had to get changed first because she didn't know that we were going to pick her up. after she had got changed my Mum dropped us off to school not far from Gianna’s house.

Paragraph 5: At school we walked inside and payed for the disco. I went to find my friends Helen and Wakatere I looked all around but finally I found one of them Wakatere. Then I went to search for Helen and I only saw her brother he told me where she was. Then I went outside to find her but I couldn’t so I went back inside and saw her we both hugged happily..

Paragraph 6: Later on it was nearly time to go home so we made the most of it I was really fool because I was drinking to much and I was tired. Then it was the final song and after that song everyone went home with their Mums and dad. Later on we dropped Gianna off to her house and said “ Goodbye see you tomorrow and went home to have a peaceful sleep.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ban plastic bags

Dear Prime Minister John Key,

Paragraph 1: As a really angry student, I have a really good point about plastic bags being thrown away. I have been talking to my friends about plastic bags being thrown into the sea.

Paragraph 2: Plastic bags should not be allowed to be thrown away in the rubbish bin because it gets thrown into the sea. Fish and birds like seagulls eat it and die. There are video’s that show on youtube about rubbish being chucked into the sea which is not good for the sea creatures that are living inside there.

Paragraph 3: Too many sea creatures and seagulls die because of  plastic bags being chucked away into the sea by trucks. Plastic bags are also bad for the children and adults that go into the sea and swim.

Paragraph 4: Shopping bags should not be for free because lots and lots of plastics bags are found everywhere. They end up in the sea which kills our sea creatures that help us live.

Paragraph 5: Plastic bags take ages to float down to the bottom of the sea. That is why when humans find dead fishes and seagulls they sometimes see lots of rubbish and plastic bags inside of their bodies.

Paragraph 6: It takes years to clean the sea up for the sea creatures. That is why we should not allow plastic bags to get thrown out. Instead we should all keep our plastic bags and use them when we need to.
You need to do something about this Prime Minister.

Yours sincerely