Friday, February 28, 2014

Thank you letter to Miss Erick

Monday 24th February 2014

Dear Miss Erick

I would like to thank you for coming to the school picnic with us. If you would not of come we wouldn't have gone to the school picnic on Friday. It was really kind and helpful of you coming to the school picnic with us on Friday. Class 2 was very lucky and happy that you came to the school picnic. It was very important that you came on friday because we would of been sad and not very happy.

We went to the Hall in the morning so that we could see how much parents and helpers were here to help. We walked down to the beach and Team 1 were  swimming in the beach with their togs on team 2 went Team 3 Team 4 and then Team 5 . I had a fun time with my friends and Family.

My favorite part was hanging out with my friends and family on the beach and playing volleyball with them. Thank you very very much for coming to our school picnic.

Thank you


Friday, February 21, 2014

About Bible Study

P1:On Wednesday 12th February 2014. I went to Mr Burt and Mrs Burts House for Bible Study. We went there at 7:35 And we Finished at 8:00. There were Nine people that went to Mr Burt's House There names are Levi, Korobeau, Nathaniel, Anna, Ane, Sisilia, Sesalina, Seta, And Howard. We were learning about ruth and we done Questions about her and what happened.

P2:After that We had to scroll down on our Netbooks and we Had to answer some Questions and Put some Answers in the Missing Box. Later On We all had to do a Pray About something but we had to have time to think about what we were going to pray about Mr Burt went first and then it followed on to the Line each of Us had to pray about something.

P3:Also we were eating outside It was a beautiful and wonderful place. What I like the most about Bible Study is going there and having fun with everyone.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Net book reflection 2014

Brainstorming some Ideas:
parts: Camera, Speakers, Mouse, Headphones, usb ports, Charger cables, Screen, Battery, keyboard and  On and off buttons.  

What is it? Learning Tool, Device, technology electronic,  Laptop computer, Netbook and its a portable.

Who uses it? Students, Teachers, Companies, Parents, People, Manaiakalani Schools and Tamaki college.

where we find it? Miss telea, Netbook cupboards, Netbook bags, Home, desk and dicksmith.

What is a Netbook and how do we use it?
P1: Well a netbook is like a laptop but small and the keyboard is stuck together. We do all sorts of stuff on netbooks and it helps us to learn and write more stuff. It also is a learning tool for students upto year 5 and Year 9.

How we use It?
P2: It is used for learning and we go on math whizz, Studyladder and Xtramath for maths time. We also research stuff on Google when we don’t understand a word and we use google for pictures when we need something for our writing.

Explanation Writing Checklist:
1) Does it have a title?
2) Have you described what it is? (Definition)
3) Have you described the parts? (Description)
4) Have you described how it works? (operation)
5) Have you included details and interesting topic words?
6) Have you used sequencing words Like......first,Then,Next!.......

Friday, February 14, 2014

About Assembly


P1:On Friday 14th february we had Assembly. We had lined up in two lines Girls and Boys. As we walked to the hall for Assembly I saw the hip hop Girls and Boys I knew that they were going to perform something cool. We sat down and there was a video on the screen of The hip hop people dancing on a mountain and it was really amazing. Then the hip hop People came out and they went onto the stage. They were dancing for us and the students after that everyone was cheering for them and they went off the stage.

P2:After that I saw Ms muliaumasealii and jacob with some big shell in his hand. He bloud it and it made a cool and loud sound then I looked up on the stage and saw four ladies with a white dress and flowers. Ms muliaumasealii screamed” cheehoo because it was samoan ladies performing for pt england so they can show us some dance moves for Fia Fia. They have done a Awesome dance like the hip hop. As the samoan ladies performed to us I actually felt like dancing to because I’m samoan too. They were making us feel not shy when we are up on the stage on Fia Fia.

P3:Later on All the captains for pt england had to come on the stage so they could get there badge. The assembly had finished I needed to stretch I was so tired. So we went to class with Ms langitupu our Teacher.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Duffy theatre

Duffy theatre:
p1:On Monday tenth February 2014 I went to the duffy theatre with my class room and the other students. We had to line up to two lines girls and boys. As we headed to the hall I sat next to my friends chloe, martha and Helen in My class. When all the other students came to set down it began to start a man in a cape with his favorite book covers.

P2: He was holding his favorite book about the best colour’s and he was reading it fast to all of the students. Then a young girl named rosie came and said hi bob and bob said what were you doing?.

p3:Rosie said really fast I was at the back of your letter box. Bob said” Why were you at the back of my letter box and Rosie said to the little students should we sing a song and Bob said” rosie why were you at the back of my letter box and bob said” Were you just at the back of my letter box because you were stalking uncle rob aye.

p4:Rosie said” yes i was and then rosie said to the students should we sing a song and we said” YES. Bob said” who knows the duffy song? All of the little students said yes. Then we all sang the duffy song. After we we had finished singing. Bob was telling a story about uncle rob who was a rugby player and he had a samoan tattoo. He came in and he was talking on his phone with lady gaga. Then he was talking to rihanna, Magic, Jason derulo, Amy winehouse and justin bieber.
P5: Uncle Rob went to Melbourne in australia for the final grand. He had a present from rosie he had opened it and it was about bellae because rosie like doing bellae. Bob looked at all the pictures and he said” OOOOOOOOOO because he liked all the bella’s pictures.

p6:Later on it was the final grand for rob he had the ball and he was dancing like a bella girl and he got a try the students were cheering happily.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The 3p's

           What are the 3p’s

1)Protections: Protection is Looking after each other. Taking care of other people that are new to our school. Looking after our own gear. being cybersmart in front of the visitors and show them around our school.

2)Partnership: Partnership is being together as one. Being a team member. Team up with other people when they're with no body.

3)Participation: participation is like giving it a go at something. Joining in with your mates in class. Volunteering when no one is putting their hand up when your teacher ask you something.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Holiday Highlights for Parakai

        Holiday Highlights

PG:1 On Saturday I had to wake up at eight o’clock in the morning. I washed my face and brushed my teeth then I got dressed. I was so excited because we were going to Parakai. After that my Grandpa came to pick us up to go to his church and wait for the bus. As I was putting my stuff in the car I just forgot my tell. Then we went to his church. As we got there I saw heaps of people waiting outside with their bags reading for the bus.

PG2: Later on the bus came everyone got their bags and jumped on to the bus with excitement. All my grandpa’s friends where singing some samoan church song’s they have learned over the holidays. Me and My sisters fell asleep because it was so long to go parakai. When we woke up we saw some animals like deers,llamas and also heaps of caw’s.

PG3: We saw parki and we jumped up on our seat. The bus stopped and we walk out of the bus and we said thank you to the bus driver. We had to line up and wait until everyone else is gone inside. We went to the field and we had to sit down and put our bags and that there.

PG4: My sisters and I went to get changed and we went to the spa pool. Then it was so hot we wanted to go outside on the long slide. We had to walk up and I was so tired. Then we got changed and then the bus was here so we had to go in the bus And then I went sleep again.