Thursday, August 2, 2012

Reading a book

On tuesday july the 31th 2012 we had to go on Xtramath and after xtramath we had to sit on the ground .

Mr Marks said “put your hands up, the people who read your book at home”, and some of us put our hands up. Then we had to go our get our book so we could go to miss Ouano classroom next to our classroom. So we got our books and went to Miss Ouano class.

We had to go on one of the computers. Everyone picked a partner to go with them but I didn't because i didn't want to pick a partner. We had to go on IMovie to video ourselves reading the book we already read at home.

So I went on Imovie and I had to make another folder so when I want to listen to my recording I can go on the folder i made.I opened the camera on Imovie and I recorded myself reading the book and as I was reading the book i saw mele come and ruin my recording i was angry at her so i had to start again.

I started recording heaps of times because of mele and I said”Stop ruining my recording and she said”I didn’t know that. I was recording and i said to myself she is lying. So I had to start again and it was nearly time to go class because room 14 was coming soon so I recorded me reading my story and I was finished so I went and ruin her recording but she was finished and I was like OH NO SHE IS FINISHED.

Then we had to go to class because they were nearly at class we ran to class and everyone was on there netbook writing about cross country and some people done basketball they were really quit.