Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My family and friends

Start Here:
I am going to tell you about my friends. I am going to tell you their
names first.
Chloe,Martha,Helen,Sapphire,Sisilia,Sesalina,Mya,Wakatere and Htawara.

How old are they.
Chloe is 12
Martha is 11
Helen is 11
Sapphire 11
Sisilia is 12
Sesalina is 13
   Mya is 11
 Wakatere is 10 and
Htawara is 11.

Hi I’m going to tell you about what my friends and I like to do every time we are together.
Well my friends and I like to do all kinds of stuff but what we really like to do is dance, sing, play basketball and play around the whole school.

Why I like them?
Well I like my friends because they are kind and helpful every time. Whenever they see someone feeling sad they help them get back up. That is why I like them as friends.

Why they are special and funny?
My friends are special to me because they are helpful, kind and careful.
They are filled with happiness and they tell funny jokes. They tell us funny stories about themselves.  
About My friend Helen.
I’m going to tell you about my friend Helen. Helen is fun to play with, she is really kind and helpful. She is really interesting and her stories are interesting too.
What I like about her is that she is kind to us every time. She is 11 years old and she has two brothers. Her favorite hobby is rugby and basketball.

My brother’s name is Ray Vili My sisters’ names are Nu’u, Chantelle, Kathleen, Ane and Yvonne. My Mom’s name is Melissa vili.
How old are they?
Melissa is 40
Nu'u is 20
Chantelle is 17
Kathleen is 16
Ane is 11 and
Yvonne is 8

What they like to do.
My family and I like to go Sylvia Park together and we like to go to the  movies. My family is Samoan. My grandpa and nana are Samoan. Their names are Talenga Vili and Lote Vili. My Grandpa likes to walk  all the way to Mt Wellington to Panmure and my nana likes to go Glen Inners to buy some fruit and go Pak’n Save.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

About My family

About My family

This is my family.I have 5 sisters plus me is 6 one brother and a beautiful mother name Melissa vili. All My sisters names are Nu'u,Chantelle,Kathleen,Ane and Yvonne My brothers name is Ray.We live in Auckland New Zealand.

Hope you enjoyed

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


On Sunday I went to the movies with my mum and sister.  We had to get changed for the movies.  As I went to get changed my mum and sister was already changed then they went into the car. Next we had to go to the movies.  I was really excited about going to the movies.  When we got there we had to go up the stairs because my mum said. We had to pick a movie to watch so my mum picked Jack and the Giant Slayer. We went to pak n save to  get some stuff for the movies. Then we went back to see if we were late or not but we were not so we sat down on the chairs and waited for the movie to start. After that we went up to the man at the counter and gave the tickets to him for the movies. We sat down on to the chairs and waited until the movie had started.  I was very excited to watch this movie with my mum and sister.

Then the movie had started and I got a fright. Then  the movie was nearly finishing but it was really interesting it was cool watching that movie but I don’t like the giants because they were trying to kill some people from earth. My favorite part was when all of the people defeated the giants.