Monday, May 26, 2014

My favourite experiment at science road show.

Explanation: what I am writing about is my favourite science experiment and what we done.

On friday morning class 2 and class 5 went to Tamaki College for science road show. We all had left to Tamaki College at 8:45 because we needed to go early so that we will not be late for the people who was setting it up for us.

When we got to Tamaki College we had to line up into two lines so we could go in there without all of us squashing into the door. So we lined up and we went inside Tamaki College it was full of science stuff i was so excited.

I sat in front with my friends where we could all see what they were doing. They were just talking about science stuff and also air that is around us.

After that we went to check all the science projects that were set up for us. My favourite thing in the science show was when the red balloon popped we had to block our air so that we wouldn't get deaf when we listened.

The balloon popped because they put fire on the paper that was attached to the balloon. It was the loudest balloon that popped.

Why is swimming important?

Why is swimming so important?
Explanation: I am writing about swimming and why it is so important to us and New zealanders.

Paragraph 1: Swimming is important because we need to learn how to swim when we are endangered. We have swimming lessons everyday to keep us safe in the water and in the beach.

Paragraph 2: We learn how to back stroke so when we are tired of swimming we can lie on our back and swim to safety. Swimming lessons help children swim to safety when they need help.

Paragraph 3: Most animals in New Zealand know how to swim but people have to practise swimming so they know how to. That is why swimming lessons are so important to us. Also the console manager pay’s for us to go swimming so we should not have to waste their money on swimming.

Saturday, May 24, 2014



The lion (panthera leo) is one of four big cats in the genus panthera and a member of family Felidae. Male lions weight 250 kg ( 550 lb). it is the second largest living cat after the tiger.Well wild lions currently exist in sub saharan africa. About 10,000 years ago, the lion was the most widespread large land mammal after humans.


Information about Dolphins:

Dolphins are Mammals they are closely related to whales. Dolphins they are found in worldwide mostly in shallow sea where they live and hangout. Dolphins like eating Fish and Squid all the time. They vary in size from 1.2 m and 40 kg, up to 9.5 m and 10 tonnes. Dolphins are really kind to humans when they get use to them they will love to play with them and probable they would want them to stay for the whole day.  

Friday, May 23, 2014


Air waves, Loops, Hippocampus, Vibrate, Shakes, Echo’s, Harmony, Brain, Sound waves, Eardrum, Tuning, Chords, Strumming, Pear shape, Rhythm, Beats, Tone, Volume, Pitch, Six strings  and melody.

Intro: It is so amazing that we have guitars and other instruments in New zealand and some other countries. Also its amazing that we have music that we all can listen to when we are bored.

Youtube link:

The guitar is a well known musical instrument that makes sound by the playing of it. If you concentrate on one instrument then you will know how to play it properly. When you want to know how to play the guitar and learn, you have to really focus on what that person is doing. Also you have to know how to strum and watch them put their  fingers on the right place.

A guitar is shaped like a pear so you could hear it more loudly and so you could hear echoing when you play. On the guitar if your right hand is strumming, then your left hand is holding the strings and changing it. This creates good melodies and harmonies.

When someone plays the guitar it makes a harmony and it vibrates inside whenever you strum the strings hard.The guitar makes sound waves through a series of string vibrations. Whenever you play a guitar it makes sound waves move to your ear drums and vibrates.

How does a guitar make sound? Well guitars are a pear shape they have this hole in the end of it so it can make a sound when they play it. The six strings are the ones that make beautiful harmonies and melodies. That’s how you can hear sound from a guitar.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Sarona and Chloe Funnel experience

Science experiment:

Question: What will happen to the sound if I change the shape of a piece of paper? (e.g. from a flat shape to a funnel shape)

Links to research about Sound:

Hypothesis: (What do you think will happen?) e.g. I think that….
It might echo.
Materials needed:
Paper, Tape and Tissue
Experiment (procedure):
e.g. Step 1 -
First hold a flat piece of paper against you're ear.
Step 2 -
Let you're partner speak into it.
Step 3 -
Fold you're piece of paper like a cone.
Step 4 -
Then put your  tissue in and see what it would sound like.
Step 5 -
Then test everyone in you're classroom to see what they would sound like too.

Data (What happened?)

flat piece of paper
Clearer? Didn't make any difference.
funnel facing to the front
It sound the same.
funnel facing to the side
It was defferent than before. It was louder than before.
cotton ball blocking funnel
It sounded different because it sounded like there was a little baby speaking to me when they were speaking. It also sounds blurry.
rolled up piece of paper (facing to the front)
Well it doesn't make a difference when my friend talk’s it sound’s the same. It also vibrates into  your my ear.
rolled up piece of paper (facing to the side)
Well it doesn't make a difference when my friend talk’s it sound’s the same. It also vibrates into  your my ear.

Flat Piece of paper did not make any difference. Funnel facing to the front sound the same.Funnel facing to the side was defferent than before. it was louder than before. Cotton ball funnel sounded defferent because it sounded like there was a little baby speaking to me when they they were talking in it. Rolled up piece of paper doesn't make a difference when my friend talk’s it sound’s the same. It also vibrates into  your my ear.

My hypothesis was wrong because it did echo and it did make the right sounds we wanted to hear. When your partner talks to you through it would sound louder and you would hear them clearly.



Friday, May 9, 2014

Solving maths problems

This is my maths works that I have to do when it’s math time. What I do is work it out with a strategy that I may use and I’m going to show you how I work it out. A) I had $53 in my bank account and I saved $18 more. How much money do I have? We’ll I would do 53+18=? So I would subtract 2 from the 53 add it on to the 18 so it would make 51+20=71. That’s how I do my strategy’s and sometimes I do number lines.

My holiday Writing

Paragraph 1: On saturday I went to bowling with my family. We went at 7:00 at night in a car. I had to wait with my little siblings and my big ones because my Mum had to go and pick up my other sisters.

Paragraph 2: So when we were waiting for my Mum we decided to wait inside because it was cold and my Mum was taking for long. As we went inside bowling I had forgot the snacks outside so I had to get it.

Paragraph 3: After that my Mum and that came inside and my brother came inside with the fizzy drink. I grabbed the drink off my brother and started to drink it because I was so thirsty for fizzy drink not water.

Paragraph 4: My Mum walked to the counter to pay for bowling so we could play. When she got there she payed and it was really to much but she still payed for us.

Paragraph 5: We went to find a seat to sit on and we had to go on the left where there was seats and thats where we were supposed to sit because our bowling names where there. I played until my seven turns were finished then I could go to the game area.

Paragraph 6: At last we were finished and we went to the bowling area where you could play bowling with your family. It was the most fun day I have had. Later we went to burger king to get our food and go back home to eat it was delicious and Yummy!!!.

The End

Sarona science experiment

Science experiment:

Question: What will happen to the sound if I cut the straw shorter and blow through it?

Links to research about Sound:

Hypothesis: (What do you think will happen?) e.g. I think that It will make different sounds each time you would cut it shorter.

Materials needed:
Scissors and Straw.
Experiment (procedure):
e.g. Step 1 -
Get your straw and flatten the end 2-3cm to make it sharp.
Step 2-
cut the end of your straw into a triangle shape about 1.5cm long.
Step 3 -
Put the triangle shape into your mouth and blow and you will hear a sound from it.
Step 4 -
Put your lips just beyond the triangle, and squash the straw gently with your lips.
Step 5 -
Get your straw and try cutting the ends of it and blow on to it. Then you may hear a buzzy noise as you blow your straw and cut it.

Data (What happened?)
Long: 15             (When I Blew into it had a high sound)
Shorter:10cm     (When i cut it I blew on to it again and it made a High sound)
Shorter:5cm       (I cut the straw again and it went Higher  than before)
Shorter:2cm       (This last time I cut it and it went really Loud)

It sounds like a buzzy Noise Like a big bee flying around.

When i cut the straw shorter it went to a higher note.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sarona Sound: What can I hear?

Sound: What can I hear?

Team 5’s Inquiry focus this term is about Physics and the Science of ‘Sound’.

This week you are going to write an explanation about the different types of sounds that you can hear in your environment.

Think about the sounds that surround you - at home, at school, outside.

What types of sounds can you hear? Where do they come from? Use the table to help you organise your ideas:

What types of sounds can you hear?
e.g. phone ringing
e.g. people talking
e.g. children laughing
e.g. cars whizzing past
Which sounds do you like listening to? Why?
My family laughing.
Music and funny jokes.
Children playing and laughing.
The wind
Why sounds are annoying? Why?
When you're younger siblings cry.
When there jokes get annoying and you just want them to Shhhh!
People arguing outside.
When People just come from somewhere and sing in front of you're face.

It would be boring without hearing anything because when you want to hear something like you're favourite video clip and you just wanted to hear the song but you can not. Also I think it would be a waste of time having ears when you just can’t talk and hear  anything.

If I couldn't hear and when someone is trying to tell me something and I couldn't hear that person it would be really difficult because if you wanted to hear what that person told you and they can’t do sign language to you. Also if I would be crossing the road and you never checked Left and the right of you then you just crossed and you nearly got crashed that would've been scary.

What's annoying to me at home is when my little siblings cry because it gives me a headache. Also what's annoying to me outside is when I hear People screaming and Arguing about something.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Immersion Assembly

Immersion Assembly
Term 1: Zoo, Safety equipment
Team 2: Flight, Airplanes, Thrust, drag, Gravity
Team 3: Light, Colours, Speed of light
Team 4: Floating & sinking, bouncing
Team 5: Physics: Sounds

Team 1: Team 1 had shown the whole assembly a video clip about going to the zoo. They showed us how to be safe at the zoo. So they had also shown us how to be safe with equipment at the zoo. Also they showed us how they protect Animals and everyone too.

Team 2: Team 2 had also shown us a Video clip about Airplanes. Miss She was a fairy who had magic. There had been three teachers who were Airplanes and acting like pilots. So there theme is about Flight, Airplanes, Thrust, Drag and Gravity.

Team 3: Team 3 showed us About colours and how they work. There were teachers who was dressed up in colours to show what they are telling us about. They had talked about what colours can do and also they told us how rainbows are made.

Team 4: Showed a video clip about what sinks and Floats. All of team 4 where dressed up in swimsuits and they told us about protecting ourselves when we are in the sea. They told us Questions about what can sink and float Number 1. What can Float. A a wood. B a Paperclip. C a Marball. Number 2. What would sink. A a Ball. B a stone. C A bowl.

Team 5: What they were doing was showing us sound and how they make sound without Music. So they had Played instruments that they can make sounds with. It was really Awesome how they put on a Video clip to also it was Funny.