Friday, August 22, 2014

Sarona taking care of your mind and body

Explain why taking care of your mind and body is so important?

Paragraph 1: It is important because you need all those things to learn and to take care of yourself. Taking care of your mind and brain is also important why because it helps your body to communicate and write things that you that you need to.

Paragraph 2: Your body and mind needs all kinds of notes so you can walk talk and do all the things you are doing today. We all take care of our body’s and mind sometimes because we need to so that we can help do the things that we did not learn and the things that we need help with. The body and the mind has to properly be fed good things so it can work when it needs to.

Paragraph 3: The mind needs really good looking after like the body because once your mind hasn't been looked after for a long time then it will start getting confused so that will make the body not know what to do.

Paragraph 4: All kinds of people look after their body because what is inside of them that makes the bodywork is important. But some other different people do not care about their body’s so they put dumb and illegal things inside them which makes them lose unconscious or make them die while sleeping.

Paragraph 5: It is so important to look after your body and your mind so it will send notes to all of your body parts and make it work. The mind helps you to learn more things that you need to learn so you would always have to look after that. Eating the right thing and putting the right things in your body is good and it helps the mind to constraint on your  work.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Life Ed

Paragraph 1: Today me and my class went to Life Ed to learn about things that we do not know about. First we done the Karakia then we put our shoes on ready to go. Walking to Life Ed in the rain was not comfortable and it was really cold as the wind was blowing on my face.

Paragraph 2: As we got to the Life caravan Lynn the owner of Life Ed came outside and told us that we could leave our shoes on. We all went inside together and I saw some pictures of Alcohol and Drugs. So I knew that we were going to be talking about those two things. All of us sat down in three lines so we wouldn’t be squashed up together.

Paragraph 3: After that Lynn showed us some pictures of Beer, Wine and Spirits which are things that you could drink for parties and birthdays only for Adults that are old enough. Lynn had showed us some videos of people that got drunk and  did not know what they had done when they were drunk.

Paragraph 4: On those video that Lynn had showed us were some young people who had parties when it was school times. There was one young girl who got drunk and  didn’t know what she done and how she got red things on her neck. But there were one story that Lynn had told us about she said “ A boy named James had drank 36 Beers and died while he was sleeping people thought he was sleeping but then the next day they tried to wake him up but he was gone. That was a really sad story that Lynn had told us about he was really young but he made a dumb decision.

Paragraph 5: Later on it was time for us us to go class and that was the end of our session for this year. Sela said a kind thing to Lynn because we had to go. Then Lynn gave us some stickers, Paper and two pens.

Monday, August 4, 2014

World war 1

Paragraph 1: On July 28th 1914 the world war 1 started. The global war centred in Europe began on July 28th 1914 and lasted until November 11th 1918. On world war 1 more than 9 million people died by other nations.

Paragraph 2: In world war 1 countries around the world were involved in World war 1. Other countries did not like other nations so they started a war against their enemies. These are some of the countries that I know who were fighting in world war 1 Britain, France, Germany, Africa, India, Australasia, America, South America, Canada and New zealand.

Paragraph 3:  In world war 1 the people from New zealand and Australia were very brave to go into world war 1  and fighting for our countries and their families. It is really sad that some people from world war 1 didn’t make it back to their home but it is very kind of every schools and people to remember them on ANZAC day and by going to see their graves.  Every school in New Zealand remember people from world war 1 by saying “ Lest we forget’ ( Never forgotten).

Friday, August 1, 2014


Where is Kenya? Is kenya a sport or a country? Well let’s look at some information  about Kenya.

Paragraph 1: Kenya is named after Mount Kenya. The country Kenya is from Africa in the East. In kenya there are 43.18 million people that live there. In kenya they speak English so people know what they are talking about and they also speak Swahili.

Paragraph 2: These are the famous sport’s in Kenya: Cricket, motorsport, association football, rugby union, volleyball, basketball, swimming and diving, team handball, netball, rounders, baseball, shooting, softball, cycling, boxing and Martial arts (Shotokan and Karate).

Paragraph 3: Kenya’s flag is Red, black and green. The Red symbolizes blood shed in the struggle for freedom. The Black symbolizes the indigenous black population and Green  represents Kenya’s fertile landscape and its natural wealth.
Paragraph 4: In the commonwealth there are people from kenya that are representing their culture and their names are David rudisha, Ferguson rotich, Evans kipkorir, Eunice sum, Janeth jepkosgei, Agatha jeruto, Ronald kipkemboi, Elijah manangoi, James magut, Hellen Obiri, Faith Chepngetich, Selah Jepleting, Ezekiel Kemboi, Jairus Birech, Jonathan Muia, Milcah Chemos, Purity Kirui, Joan Rotich, Joseph Kitur, Caleb Mwangangi, Isaiah Mercy Cherono, Janet Kisa, Margaret Wangare, Josphat Bett, Peter Kirui, Charles Cheruiyot Florence Kiplagat, Joyce Chepkirui, Emily Chebet, John Kelai , Erick Ndiema, Stephen Chemlany
Phyllis Ongori, Philemona Cheyech, Agnes Barsosio.

Paragraph 5:  David Rushia is Kenyan he was born on December 17th 1988. David Rushia is a runner and he is competing in the commonwealth for his country.  He competed in the Olympics and world record of 800 meters. David Rushia was the first person to run under 1:41.00 for the event.