Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Handsketball (Modified sport)

Handsketball from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.


Cats are small mammals with soft fur like other animals. They are sometimes really high pou but mostly some other cats are really lazy. Some cats are really intelligent because they eat lots of healthy food. Cats need lots of cat milk so they could keep hydrated.  

Kittens grow up to be a cats. Cats have little babies and they are called kittens. Kittens are similar to human babies they come out with their eyes all closed. Kittens have to eat from their mothers breast’s but sometimes humans get little kitten bottles and help the kittens drink the milk from the bottle.

Monday, September 22, 2014



Hook: Yay! Can't wait until I can't wait until I hold Anais.

Paragraph1 : On Sunday 21st of September I went to visit my sister Chantelle in the hospital. She just had a newborn baby girl named Anais. Chantelle was really happy because she had a baby girl and she wanted it to be a girl so it could grow up and have a good life like her.

Paragraph 2: As we went to visit Chantelle my mum forgot that she left Anais clothes so we reminded her. But we didn’t have time to go back to the house and go get it because we were already in Glen Innes.

Paragraph 3: Driving to the hospital in the car was annoying because I was sitting in the middle with my two sisters on the side and they couldn’t stop leaning on me because they were colouring in some pictures.

Paragraph 4: I was excited and happy because I was going to see Anais again and I get to hold her for the first time Yay!!! I couldn’t wait until I got to hold her because she is so small and soft also I really like feeling her cheeks it is soft like squishy marshmallows.

Paragraph 5: When we got to the hospital we jumped out of the car because my mum had to find a car park. My sister’s, Nana and I walked in the entrance and it was warm but outside was really cold because the wind was blowing on to our face’s.

Paragraph 6: We all walked until we got to the elevator I pushed number 5 so we could go up and and see her. We had to follow my sister because she knew where her room was and we didn’t.

Paragraph 7: Walking and walking but finally we got to her room she was sitting on her bed with Anais. Anais was sleeping on Chantelle’s arm she is really small I was looking at her and I wasn’t ready to hold her because I was scared that I was going to drop her.

Paragraph 8: After that I went to hold Anais she was really small I was feeling her cheeks it was so mushy and soft. I was happy that I got to hold her for the first time but later on she had to get put into her bed with blue lights because she didn’t have enough blue light and she started to get yellow like sunlight.

Paragraph 9: Later on we had to go home because my little cousin’s mum was waiting for her at our house so we left. Finally we got home and I went to watch T.V because it was so boring just sitting down in the lounge.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Cross country

Hook: Oh my gosh I wonder what cross country is going to be like today.

Paragraph 1: On Thursday it was cross country. Cross country is an event and everyone does it at their school. I was so excited that I was going to run with my friends.  When I got to school I forgot that I had left my things at home. Luckily I had a spare T- shirt in my bag.

Paragraph 2: At school a couple of  people wagged just because they did not want to run cross country, but little children came to run. Some parents came along to watch their children and cheer them on.

Paragraph 3:  In cross country younger children run before the older ones because little children need to go home earlier. Once the bell had rung after lunch time, we had to go on the courts and sit down in our teams, ready to listen.

Paragraph 4:While waiting until it was our turn, I thought that I should go and wet my feet, because it was getting a bit hot. Chloe went to wet her feet too, so I was thinking I should wet her, and I did. The water was really fresh and cold. Chloe started screaming because of how cold it was.

Paragraph 5: After getting a little bit wet we saw that the year 8’s and 7’s were going on the bottom field to watch the little children. Chloe and I had to go with them. We all were watching the little children finish at the finish line and cheering them on. Next we were watching the year 7’s and 8 boys run 2 laps around the reserve.

Paragraph 6: Later on it was our turn because all the year 7’s and 8’s boys finished their 2 laps. They were really exhausted and sweaty. My heart was beating when I got up because I was shy and scared that I will be coming last. So all the year 8 girls and 7 girls walked to the start of the line on the top field. All of the year 7 and 8 girls looked confident but my friends didn't they were shivering because they were really scared about running.

Paragraph 7:  Starting on the start line getting ready to run was really scary. Mr Burt said “On your marks get set GO!!! and we started to run, some people sprinted but I just jogged so I wouldn’t start to get tired half way. As I was running I felt a little bit sweaty because the sun was just shining on my face like a light bulb.

Paragraph 8:  I was halfway to the finish line and I stopped because I was exhausted and really tired. I saw some of the year 7’s girls  running in front of me and they were nearly to the finish line going for another race. I was running to the finish line and I could hear people cheering me on, I was really happy that I made it and I was on my second run.

Paragraph 9: Running and running trying my best to get halfway to the bottom field was hard because I had to try and breath the best I could. I couldn’t stop running because I just wanted to finish the cross country with a smile on my face. As I was running I saw Chloe and Ane so I tried to catch up to them but it was really hard. I finally catches up to them and we were halfway to the finish line. We got to the finish line and I was huffing and puffing and all the student’s and teacher's cheered for all of us. Yay!!!!! we were finished.

Friday, September 12, 2014


paragraph 1: On thursday I went to the disco with my sister’s at 5:30. We went to the disco at school and it cost $3:00. First we had a shower and got changed. Next we went to Glen Innes to buy glow in the dark bracelets and when my mom came we went to Pak’n save to buy snacks.

Paragraph 2: After that my mum came with us to go and pick up one of my friends Gianna in the car. When we got to Gianna’s house we saw that there were no lights on but just the T.V.

Paragraph 3: My sister went to go and check if she was coming. But when she went to knock on the door no one would answer it. So she tried again and Gianna answered the door. My sister said “are you coming? and she said yes.

Paragraph 4: Gianna had to get changed first because she didn't know that we were going to pick her up. after she had got changed my Mum dropped us off to school not far from Gianna’s house.

Paragraph 5: At school we walked inside and payed for the disco. I went to find my friends Helen and Wakatere I looked all around but finally I found one of them Wakatere. Then I went to search for Helen and I only saw her brother he told me where she was. Then I went outside to find her but I couldn’t so I went back inside and saw her we both hugged happily..

Paragraph 6: Later on it was nearly time to go home so we made the most of it I was really fool because I was drinking to much and I was tired. Then it was the final song and after that song everyone went home with their Mums and dad. Later on we dropped Gianna off to her house and said “ Goodbye see you tomorrow and went home to have a peaceful sleep.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ban plastic bags

Dear Prime Minister John Key,

Paragraph 1: As a really angry student, I have a really good point about plastic bags being thrown away. I have been talking to my friends about plastic bags being thrown into the sea.

Paragraph 2: Plastic bags should not be allowed to be thrown away in the rubbish bin because it gets thrown into the sea. Fish and birds like seagulls eat it and die. There are video’s that show on youtube about rubbish being chucked into the sea which is not good for the sea creatures that are living inside there.

Paragraph 3: Too many sea creatures and seagulls die because of  plastic bags being chucked away into the sea by trucks. Plastic bags are also bad for the children and adults that go into the sea and swim.

Paragraph 4: Shopping bags should not be for free because lots and lots of plastics bags are found everywhere. They end up in the sea which kills our sea creatures that help us live.

Paragraph 5: Plastic bags take ages to float down to the bottom of the sea. That is why when humans find dead fishes and seagulls they sometimes see lots of rubbish and plastic bags inside of their bodies.

Paragraph 6: It takes years to clean the sea up for the sea creatures. That is why we should not allow plastic bags to get thrown out. Instead we should all keep our plastic bags and use them when we need to.
You need to do something about this Prime Minister.

Yours sincerely


Monday, September 1, 2014


Sarona Argument

Writing an argument:

Statement: “Children should do some form of exercise everyday”

Do you agree or disagree?

Now you need to structure your argument:

1) First paragraph (This needs to introduce your argument for or against the statement)  I believe that children should exercise everyday because they need to take care of their body and mind.

2) First point:
Children should exercise because their brain needs to get healthy and learn important things. Exercise helps children to think better.

3) Second point:
Children need to exercise everyday because if they don’t they might break their bones and will not be strong enough to do things.

4) Third point:
Children need to exercise everyday because they need to get fit for fitness and athletics each year.

5) Fourth point:
Children need to be well hydrated and have plenty of water when it’s hot on sunny days.

6) Conclusion (Summarise the main points of your argument)
Children need to exercise  because it is healthy for them.