Friday, February 3, 2012

my first blog post

I can't wait until year six school camp to start. Sport's are really fun to play with other's and my best sport is rugby, netball and touch. Sport is very good for your body because you can get skinny when you do sport's with your friends.

I hope i can improve my reading age up to level 10. I would like to go on a field trip with my family and friends i would go on a field trip with a cat or a puppy too.

I would be in a production with my class and i have done a production with room 14,15 and 13 and my parent's came and watched me and my sister dance up stage. Glee is a thing we watch and on t.v and it’s a programme that i watch at home in my sister’s room with my cousin and brother. I dance to it with my cousin bobby grace and some other people we danced to it because we were going to show a dance to everyone and school and the Parent's.

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  1. Hi Saroha.
    you have a assume blog.
    I can tell you red your work because all of your writing is cert .
    hop you have a good day keep up the good work.

    From kevine :) <3


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