Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Paragraph 1: In the holiday’s I went to the Movies with my family. I was excited to go to the movies because we were going to watch How to train a dragon 2. My family and I went to the Movies because it was my sister’s birthday. She wanted to watch Planet of the Apes but we couldn’t because it was coming late at night and my mum had work at 3:00.

Paragraph 2: I got ready to go but first I had a shower first so I can feel better before I go. Next after my shower I notice that I forgot my clothes in the garage so I went and got it. Everyone walked into the car ready to go  and I was the only one not ready so I rushed and got changed. As I finished getting changed I locked the door ran into the car and my mum drove us to Sylvia park. Putting my shoes on in the car was really exhausted because I was Scrunched up in the back with my Brother and Sister.

Paragraph 3: After that we jumped out of the car because we were at sylvia park. Then we walked in to the movies. As I was looking around I saw the movie How to Train a Dragon 2. It was coming at 12:30 so we all decided to go Burger king  and Pak n save after that. Walking to burger king was really cold because the wind was blowing on to my face. We got to Burger king and it was really warm I smelled The delicious Burger’s.

Paragraph 4: My Mum asked what we wanted and I said” I would like a $5 meal so I picked a BBQ rodeo burger with fries, a Chocolate sundae and I picked my own drink Raspberry. My family all picked what they wanted and what drink they all wanted. It was a lot of us going to the movies but it was cool that all of us could have a family day out with each other. After Burger King we all rushed down to the movies to see if we were late but we weren’t  all of us were just in time after we had went Pak n save to buy snacks for the movies.

Paragraph 5: Later on after the we all watched How to Train a Dragon 2. I had saw that people had tears in there eye’s because the movie had sad bits in it. One sad bit was when Toothless owner’s Dad died because an evil man killed him. But all of us commented to each other about the movie I said ”It was an amazing movie and it nearly brings tears to my eye’s and everyone agreed to what I had see.

Paragraph 6: We were all tired so we went home to go and have a rest but my sister Yvonne was not tired so she watched T.V until she fell asleep on the couch.

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