Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sarona camp story

Last week we went to camp and we were  with Miss v and we were doing roller blading and ping pong.I went on roller blading I was trying to turn but I fell down .After I went out side with sisilia and i was rolling blading out side I was out of control and I fell down . As I got up I was speeding and it was cool because thire was a hill and I went on it was scary and I went down it with my friend sisilia it was so cool that I went again .Next I had to get off the roller skates because I had a long turn on it after I gave the roller skates to efilona she put it on and I had another turn because some one gave it to me I was speeding on to the hill and I was speeding back down.Later i turned and I went to the breeze and I  skated then i went in the hall to skate it was slippery I was slipping and sliding.


  1. Hi Sarona,
    What a great day it was at camp. I like it at camp to. Did you like rolling blading? Well I like rolling blading. Keep it up.

  2. Hi Sarona i like your story about rolling blading? keep up the great work.


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