Monday, June 18, 2012

In the Morning.

In the Morning My Nana woke Me up for school But we didn't get up because I was too tired to get up so I did not get up .Then My Nana came in the bedroom and she saw that me and My sister was still Asleep and so she shouted at me and my sister to wake up and she said” It’s 8:00 clock and My sister jumped up and she ran to bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth and put on her uniform .And I was still Asleep and my sister ran to wake me up because my Nana was coming to see if I was still asleep and she saw that I not asleep .So I went to the bathroom and I washed my face and brushed My teeth then i went to get changed into my uniform then I went to put My shoes on and clean up the bed I sleeped on. After that we got our lunch and we put it in our bag and we said” Goodbye to our Nana then we walked all the way to school.

breakfast to eat in the Morning.

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  1. Hi sarona I really like your story and this is sisilia I hope you wake up early for school and have a good day


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