Friday, October 19, 2012

Saving the day

In the morning  we ran out of bread.So My Mom told my Brother to run to the shop and buy three bread .As he got there he walked to the back of the shop where all the bread are.Suddenly he heard a noise coming from the front of the shop he went to look and he saw a robber holding the shop keepers neck .

My brother shouted!LET GO OF THE SHOP KEEPER! .But he didn't so he got so angry and he shouted again LET GO OF THE SHOPKEEPER.Then MY brother went to call the police but the robber said”no please don’t call the police on me so my brother but the phone down and he got out a gun and he said”Put your hands in the air then my brother shouted please don’t kill me.

But the robber shot the bullet and my brother closed his eyes but he never felt any pain.SO the robber shot the bullet again my brother and the shopkeeper closed their eyes hard as they could then my brother and the shopkeeper never felt any pain again.

The robber had no bullets so the shopkeeper and my brother told the robber to stay and they will call the police.When the shopkeeper went to call the police the robber was already gone because my brother wasn't looking out for the robber .So my brother went to get three bead the shopkeeper said”where is the robber and my brother said”I went and the shopkeeper was scared that he might come back.

Then My brother went at the back of the shop to get three bread and when he went to the shopkeeper the shopkeeper said”We can take three bread for free.After that my brother went home and he said”Mum Mom I got the bread for free and My mom said”SON where have you’ve been and he said”I went to save the day and mom said”Thats good .

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