Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Recipe for our sandwich

If you want to have a taste or just make one...
has the recipe..

two slices of  white bread
three slices of avocado
two slices of  cheese
 four slices tomato
Two slices of  ham
another pile of ham
Mayo to spread all over your bread

first  you take your Mayo and spread it on  your  slices of bread.
then you take your letters and  just simply put it on you bread.
And then you put two slices of ham and another pile of ham.
On top of the ham place four slices of tomatoes on top of your ham.
Two slices of cheese on top of your tomatoes.
Then place a little bit of letters and finally place your three slices of avocado and simply put your last piece of bread on top of your avocado.

Enjoy your sandwich made by Sarona and Helen

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  1. Hi sarona
    Your sandwich sounds yummy. I hope it tasted yum! :D


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