Tuesday, June 4, 2013


On Sunday I went to the movies with my mum and sister.  We had to get changed for the movies.  As I went to get changed my mum and sister was already changed then they went into the car. Next we had to go to the movies.  I was really excited about going to the movies.  When we got there we had to go up the stairs because my mum said. We had to pick a movie to watch so my mum picked Jack and the Giant Slayer. We went to pak n save to  get some stuff for the movies. Then we went back to see if we were late or not but we were not so we sat down on the chairs and waited for the movie to start. After that we went up to the man at the counter and gave the tickets to him for the movies. We sat down on to the chairs and waited until the movie had started.  I was very excited to watch this movie with my mum and sister.

Then the movie had started and I got a fright. Then  the movie was nearly finishing but it was really interesting it was cool watching that movie but I don’t like the giants because they were trying to kill some people from earth. My favorite part was when all of the people defeated the giants.  

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  1. Hey Sarona,

    I havent seen Jack, The Giant Slayer yet. Might be time I do sounds like you enjoyed it overall :)

    Remember to make sure when you write about different events you put them in paragraphs, waiting in the cinema after you have your tickets could be in a different paragraph to waiting before you have your tickets. otherwise good work :)

    Keep writing, Mr. Hutchings


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