Thursday, December 11, 2014

My art work

In my class the year 8’s are doing art and using a panel to create designs with three other peoples designs on it. But when we draw our design’s we have to make sure that it is Samoan patterns and that the patterns are not to small.

In our panels the patterns we design have to mean something in your family and it also has to represent you too. In my design my patterns represent me and everyone in my family because it has a flower that show’s people in my family who has passed and the other part represents me because it has a design that I like and also a design that has my culture in it.

When we paint our designs we only have to use four colour white, red, yellow mixed with orange and black. First we had to use the light colours and the the dark after it so the dark wouldn’t overtake the light bits. I coloured my back round white first then I started using the other four colours.

So after I have finished colouring my design I had to do the outline black so that you could see the flower properly.  My design that I made kind of doesn’t look like a flower but once I have put my outline it will.

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