Friday, March 25, 2011

Finally our school picnic

On picnic day we had fun. The first thing that I liked was swimming because there were teachers surrounding us and I had fun playing and splashing them. The rocks under the water were so sharp that my friend Sisilia got cut by one. The teacher, Mr Mark, chucked the rocks away. As Mr Marks chucked the rocks away he did a skim. I had lots of fun in the water with the teachers.

After that we went out to get changed. The boys were waiting because the boys changing rooms were closed so they were after the girls .

When the girls where finished we went to go and play volleyball. Number 2 and 1 were nearly winning but number 1 was the winner.
After the volley boll it was time for the singing competition. After that we had to pack up and go to school and then go home with our parents. As we went home I was thinking about how it was at the picnic and I said to my self, "Yes I really liked it at the picnic and my mum said, "Well done you on my back."

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