Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Cousin's House.

In the morning I had to get up because I was going to my cousin's house to sleep over and play with my baby cousins . I was rushing to get ready and get my stuff . My mum told me to hurry because my auntie was coming soon. My auntie rang me and said to me, “ Are you all ready?” . I was so happy that I was coming but my sister forgot that she was going to my cousin's house too . I had to wake her up and I was shouting to her,”Wake up! Wake up!” . She didn't wake up so I had to slap her face. My mum said just slap her until she wakes up. I did it hard and when she woke up she was crying . I said sorry and started to laugh at her. As soon as I went outside my aunty was here. I was so excited that she was here and I ran as fast as I could.
My auntie said, " It is a long way to our house."
When we got to my auntie's house my cousin said "Hi!!" to me and my sister.
Next we had dinner and it was pizza and my sister said "Yea!!" loud beause she was so happy. Later on we went to sleep but we couldn't go to sleep because it was scary at night. It was scary because I forgot that my cousin's house was haunted. When I went with my baby cousin to the toilet he was crying because he was scared.

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