Friday, February 3, 2012

in the holiday's

In the holiday i went to the beach when it was a beautiful sunny day with my sister’s my cousin’s and my brother. we were going to the pt England school beach as we went to pt England beach and it looked like we were going to the island it was really clean and it had my favourite color baby blue .As we were at the beach i was on the park just for a little wile then i went in to the beach with my sister my cousin’s and my brother. I was walking to the beach and the sand was soft and it felt yuk it felt like i was drowning it the sand thire was heps of sea shell’s and I was looking for crab’s there was one that was big and it was running fast away from me because it was thinking that i was going to kill it but I wasn't .Then I ran in to the Beach with my little cousin she like the beach every time she all way's laugh in the beach when i go to the beach I all way’s swim like a fish and the people go fishing in the pt England school beach with a net or a fishing net so they can catch the the fish .After that I went in to the rock because their was a swimming pool their it was cool because their was a small pool and the rocks where nice and hot to lie on I lied on it because I was to cold to go in the beach. later on we went to eat chip’s and stuff I was really really hungry because i was in the beach for a long time not a long time after i went to go on the sand and i told my cousin Jaguar to come and cover my body with sand so he came and put sand on my togs and my feet and arms . Later later on i went to get ready so i can go on the park because I was board playing in the sand.Then I went home with my family .

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