Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sarona swimming

On Monday we were going to the pools but Mr Somerville said “We have to watch a movie first.” Then Mr Somerville got out his laptop, he put on a funny movie about a man running in the olympics but it was a home video. After that we had to get our togs and get changed Mr Somerville said “you got 3 minutes.” We sprinted into the toilets to get changed. I was so excited about going to the pools. After changing I went to room 16 to wait for the girls to get back. Mr somerville said “how many girls are in the toilets?” and I said “about 3 or 2.” When the girls got changed into their swimming togs we walked to the pools, Then we got to the pools we had to put our towels down and clothes down on the ground Mr somerville opened the door for us and he put down the ladder so we could hop into the pool. Room 15 hopped into the pool and had free time in the pool we were laughing, splashing, and hopping on each others backs. Then Mr somerville blew his whistle and said “everybody get into two lines, girls and boys” we laughed at each other and splashed water at the boys. When we were in two lines Mr somerville gave us instructions about how to play his game he said “I am going to chuck a tennis ball into the water and you have to catch the ball if the girls get the ball first they get a point if the boys get the ball first then they get a point but you have to touch the back of the pool.” Mr somerville blew his whistle we all shouted with excitement and we all splashed water at the boys but we did not know where the ball was so Melane saw it and grabbed the ball she put her hand up and said “I got the ball I got the ball!” the boys all shouted “OH NO!” the girls were all laughing at the boys. It was nearly morning tea time so we had another game Mr somerville blew his whistle again. We all ran to get the ball the boys were fighting over the ball and so did the girls. But the boys thought that they got the ball and one of the boys said “I have the ball!” but he didn’t it was the girls again the game was finished. So the girls went to get their clothes and get changed Mr somerville said “you only have 3 minutes to get changed.”We all shouted “HURRY HURRY.” Girls pushed through to get in the toilet but some girls just wanted to get changed. All the boys were finished and only some of the girls were finished getting changed. I shouted in my head “HURRY SARONA HURRY.” I got into my school clothes as fast as I could and I went outside I said “Yes I’m not the last one” we left the pools and went to class.

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