Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Going to a Christmas party

On sunday we had to wake up early because we were going to a christmas party in town.We had to get changed into our clothes my sisters were so excited they got changed fast.

My sisters and brother were already changed so I jumped out of bed with excitement and I grabbed my  clothes and got changed.

The christmas party started at 11.00 in the morning.We had to wait and wait until it was 11.00 clock .My Mom said” Go in the car we are going to get the washing so we all went into the car.

As we went to into the car My Mom said” that it was nearly 11.00 clock I smiled with happiness in me.So we drove to the washing and we had to see if the washing was finished when we felt it was hot.

My Mom took all the washing out because it was dried and it was also hot me my mom folded the clothes and put it into the washing basket.After it was done we went into the car and I said”Mum where are we going next My Mom said”we are going home and we are going to take our washing inside.

I wanted to go to the christmas party right now but it was not 11.00 clock. My Mom went into the the house and she put the washing on the ground and she said”I’m going to sleep until its 10.30 my Mom went fast asleep.

But the phone was ringing ring ring ring ring my Mom picked it up and said”hello and she just said”HURRY GET IN THE CAR! we all had to go right now we all sprinted into the car with excitement.My Mom drove to town and she saw her friend sweetie My Mom Laught and said”HELLO!.

So My Mom went to find a parking spot and she found one right next to the bouncy castle.I ran out of the car and so did my sisters and brother we laugh and we went downstairs where there were games.

I went with my sisters to the bouncy castle.
Me and my sister got so thirsty and we wanted a drink of coca cola so we went to get one the lady said” what would you like and I said”I would like coca cola please and she said” of course.She put ice and then coca cola on top.

Next I went to my Mom and said”can we get our hand wax and she said”yes you can I lined up I was second  in line.When the girl in front of me was finished getting her hand waxed she had to pick a color she picked purple and blue.It looked so cool and it was my turn to wax my hand.

When I was my turn to wax my hand I was so excited I had to put my hand into a ice water and I had to put something on my hand I rubbed my hand and I had to do something with my hand so I done peace sign.

And My hand had to go in a really hot thing that makes your hand waxed he said”Pick a color and I picked blue white and red.Then I was finished.

My Mom came and said”We have to eat now I said”okay.I ran downstairs to My mom and I had to get a plait I got salad,chips,burga and noodles. I went to set down and eat my food after that we went home but I saw taniela in my class so  said” sup and then we went home .


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