Thursday, December 27, 2012

On christmas

On Tuesday the 25th we went to our Nana house to celebrate Jesus birthday and Christmas too. My Mum and sister Yvonne made a banana cake and potato salad for Christmas. After my mum put all the   ingredients into the bowl she mixed it all together and then she put it into the oven to heat up.Then my mum pilled the potatoes and after she had done that she put a little water into the pot and then she cooked it.My mum went to get changed into her clothes and then the oven rang a bell bong and that means the cake is ready.As my mum was taking out the cake the potatoes were ready.My mum took out the cake as fast as she could and put it up on the bench.Then she grabbed the pot of potatoes and she put it on the bench.we all got changed into our clothes and then went into the car.My mum came outside with the cake and pot of potatoes she took them into the car and said" put our seatbelts on and we all said"yes.As we got their we opened up our presents.I opened up my presents and I got lollies stickers purse and ear phones and it was the best time of my life.

                                                               the end

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