Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sarona school camp

I am looking forward to swimming on Fridayand cooking at camp . I want to kayak at the pt England Beach with my friends and teachers. I want to have free time when I am at swimoram . Swimorama is this swimming pool where people swim and train. They train so they can get better at swimming .

I really like to go kayaking because it is cool when you go in the kayaking boat. You will fell like you are having a race with your team mates . 

Cooking is really cool because you get to lick the spoons and lick the bowl when you start cooking. You have to wash your hands and then you make biscuit's' yummy ones like with corn flakes in side it. You get to take turns putting the biscuit’s in the paper .When you have put the biscuit’s in the paper you have to put it in the oven and let it cook.
I really like kayaking.

I am scared of kayaking because I will always go to the deep side and when I go to the deep side I always jump off the boat and I will swim all the way to the beach. When I am swimming to the beach I freak out because every time I go in the water my friends say that something is coming for you and that's why I all ways jump out of the boat . 

I am scared when I go sleep because when I go sleep I freak out because I have scary dreams then I go back to sleep and I don’t freak out. I am scared when I wake up in the middle of the night because there are policesmen at the back of us out side because they are looking after us .
I am really scared of kayaking

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  1. Hi Sarona,
    I like your story about camp because camp is a really fun thing at school. I really like kayak to. Do you like camp? I love camp. I was scared to when I went sleep.


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