Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My First day at school

What do you Remember from the first day you went to school.
 I was getting reading for school with a big smile on my face. I got my bag and shoes ready I remember  my mum and Nana dropped me off to school I was only five years old. I went to the office and I had to see what classroom I was in then I had to go to room one and as I walk there I saw some people that I didn't know I was so shy. My teacher was Ms Jorge she had orange curly hair. 

Then I had to set down on the carpet she told us her name and where she was from. I went to room 9 after that year later and I met  Laita,Texas,Frankie, Jorja , Aldora, Rauf, Jayden,Sisilia, and Raeleen. But I didn't get to know some other people too. My favourite part of my first day of school is when I met people that I didn't know. 

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