Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Narrative Writing

It was a cold and windy the tree's were blowing and the wind was growling. The sky was covered my grey and white clouds. Me and my sister Yvonne went to go and play outside where it was cold and windy. The tree’s where swinging side to side it was so windy me and My sister Yvonne got blowed away from the windy wind shaking and shaking.

There was a tornado coming our way we tried to run fast but we got caught by it we could not breath. When we woke up we were blowed away by the tornado we didn’t know where we were. My Sister got so so scared.Me and My sister went to look around we were blowed away on an island which had sand and a forest around the back of it we went to see what we could find and we accidently fell in a hole.

I went to look around and i was standing on a volcano that is about to explode. then we saw another tornado my sister yvonne was frightened i said this is the only way we can go back home so we climbed up the hole and went back to the beach we got caught again by the tornado we woke up again and we were back home.

        The End

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  1. Hi Sarona,
    As I read your writing, it took my mind with it. I was able to picture where the wind took you two. A good imagination makes good writing. Keep up the good work.


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