Friday, December 13, 2013

Net Book Reflection 2013

       Net Book Reflection
On my Netbook I learn lots of maths. What I do on my Netbook is I go on Math Whizz and Xtramaths so I can learn more. When I need help on solving problems I go on My tracking success. Having a Netbook connected to the internet helps with my learning so much thats why I get some answers right because we are learning more on the internet. When I have something to solve I go on to tracking my success and I grab my buddy and we solve the problem together on our Netbooks thats why I like my Netbook.

      Online writing
   I do online writing. What we do is we write about anything we want to write about. I write about myself and also about my family also I write about my friends and all sorts of stuff.

                Online Maths
Online my learning on math whizz and xtramaths is more faster and easier than before. I now get Fractions and decimals a lot better than before.

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