Friday, December 13, 2013

Action World

                       Action world

My Best Highlight at Action World is when i went on trapeze it was so fun but first i was really scared. The rock climbing was really fun.

   Pictures of action world

 My writing about action world
Also i went on the slide it was so high i got so scared so i just closed my eyes and feel.  

After I went on the crazy ladder it was really wiggly i feel off it. Then everyone had a turn after me.

Later on I went on the Taupo I jumped and fell on the bouncy soft cushion. After that we went for lunch and we could have free time it was cool because we all can go on any activity we wanted. Then we  Went to pack up our stuff and go on the bus for school. It was taking a long time to go back school so i went to sleep. As we got to school we had get out the bus and put our bags in our classes and I had lunch with my other friends.

Me and Raeleen went on to Taupo i pushed raeleen then she fell down it was really fun.

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