Friday, April 11, 2014

Fia Fia Reflection

Fia Fia reflection:
-How did you feel?
-What did you do
-What group were you in?

Start Here:
On Wednesday 10th April our whole school had Fia Fia. I had to go to school early because I was selling candy floss. It was only two dollars for one packet.

I was doing the money so when people want to buy some candy floss they give the money to me and i’ll put it in the lunch box. There was milo we were selling it too it was only fifty cents for a cup of milo.

When I was hungry I asked my Nana if I could buy hot chips and she said” Yes. I went with my Nana and my sister Yvonne to buy hot chips for us two.

After that I was still waiting for my hot chips it took very long because they had to do the other peoples food who were before us. Then my sister and I got our hot chips we had to put sauce on ourself and we could put how much we wanted.

Later on we had to go in to our changing room so we could get changed I was in Hip Hop. As we finished we went to line up and we had to walk through the corro door and we had to go through the library outside and then we had to sit down on the carpets at the field.

We all had fun and we all done our best in our performance. My best part of Fia Fia was the Samoan group and Precisely that.IMG_4043.JPGIMG_4047.JPGIMG_4049.JPGIMG_4045.JPG IMG_4034.JPGIMG_4036.JPGIMG_4051.JPG

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