Friday, August 15, 2014

Life Ed

Paragraph 1: Today me and my class went to Life Ed to learn about things that we do not know about. First we done the Karakia then we put our shoes on ready to go. Walking to Life Ed in the rain was not comfortable and it was really cold as the wind was blowing on my face.

Paragraph 2: As we got to the Life caravan Lynn the owner of Life Ed came outside and told us that we could leave our shoes on. We all went inside together and I saw some pictures of Alcohol and Drugs. So I knew that we were going to be talking about those two things. All of us sat down in three lines so we wouldn’t be squashed up together.

Paragraph 3: After that Lynn showed us some pictures of Beer, Wine and Spirits which are things that you could drink for parties and birthdays only for Adults that are old enough. Lynn had showed us some videos of people that got drunk and  did not know what they had done when they were drunk.

Paragraph 4: On those video that Lynn had showed us were some young people who had parties when it was school times. There was one young girl who got drunk and  didn’t know what she done and how she got red things on her neck. But there were one story that Lynn had told us about she said “ A boy named James had drank 36 Beers and died while he was sleeping people thought he was sleeping but then the next day they tried to wake him up but he was gone. That was a really sad story that Lynn had told us about he was really young but he made a dumb decision.

Paragraph 5: Later on it was time for us us to go class and that was the end of our session for this year. Sela said a kind thing to Lynn because we had to go. Then Lynn gave us some stickers, Paper and two pens.

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