Monday, August 4, 2014

World war 1

Paragraph 1: On July 28th 1914 the world war 1 started. The global war centred in Europe began on July 28th 1914 and lasted until November 11th 1918. On world war 1 more than 9 million people died by other nations.

Paragraph 2: In world war 1 countries around the world were involved in World war 1. Other countries did not like other nations so they started a war against their enemies. These are some of the countries that I know who were fighting in world war 1 Britain, France, Germany, Africa, India, Australasia, America, South America, Canada and New zealand.

Paragraph 3:  In world war 1 the people from New zealand and Australia were very brave to go into world war 1  and fighting for our countries and their families. It is really sad that some people from world war 1 didn’t make it back to their home but it is very kind of every schools and people to remember them on ANZAC day and by going to see their graves.  Every school in New Zealand remember people from world war 1 by saying “ Lest we forget’ ( Never forgotten).

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