Monday, September 22, 2014



Hook: Yay! Can't wait until I can't wait until I hold Anais.

Paragraph1 : On Sunday 21st of September I went to visit my sister Chantelle in the hospital. She just had a newborn baby girl named Anais. Chantelle was really happy because she had a baby girl and she wanted it to be a girl so it could grow up and have a good life like her.

Paragraph 2: As we went to visit Chantelle my mum forgot that she left Anais clothes so we reminded her. But we didn’t have time to go back to the house and go get it because we were already in Glen Innes.

Paragraph 3: Driving to the hospital in the car was annoying because I was sitting in the middle with my two sisters on the side and they couldn’t stop leaning on me because they were colouring in some pictures.

Paragraph 4: I was excited and happy because I was going to see Anais again and I get to hold her for the first time Yay!!! I couldn’t wait until I got to hold her because she is so small and soft also I really like feeling her cheeks it is soft like squishy marshmallows.

Paragraph 5: When we got to the hospital we jumped out of the car because my mum had to find a car park. My sister’s, Nana and I walked in the entrance and it was warm but outside was really cold because the wind was blowing on to our face’s.

Paragraph 6: We all walked until we got to the elevator I pushed number 5 so we could go up and and see her. We had to follow my sister because she knew where her room was and we didn’t.

Paragraph 7: Walking and walking but finally we got to her room she was sitting on her bed with Anais. Anais was sleeping on Chantelle’s arm she is really small I was looking at her and I wasn’t ready to hold her because I was scared that I was going to drop her.

Paragraph 8: After that I went to hold Anais she was really small I was feeling her cheeks it was so mushy and soft. I was happy that I got to hold her for the first time but later on she had to get put into her bed with blue lights because she didn’t have enough blue light and she started to get yellow like sunlight.

Paragraph 9: Later on we had to go home because my little cousin’s mum was waiting for her at our house so we left. Finally we got home and I went to watch T.V because it was so boring just sitting down in the lounge.

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