Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ban plastic bags

Dear Prime Minister John Key,

Paragraph 1: As a really angry student, I have a really good point about plastic bags being thrown away. I have been talking to my friends about plastic bags being thrown into the sea.

Paragraph 2: Plastic bags should not be allowed to be thrown away in the rubbish bin because it gets thrown into the sea. Fish and birds like seagulls eat it and die. There are video’s that show on youtube about rubbish being chucked into the sea which is not good for the sea creatures that are living inside there.

Paragraph 3: Too many sea creatures and seagulls die because of  plastic bags being chucked away into the sea by trucks. Plastic bags are also bad for the children and adults that go into the sea and swim.

Paragraph 4: Shopping bags should not be for free because lots and lots of plastics bags are found everywhere. They end up in the sea which kills our sea creatures that help us live.

Paragraph 5: Plastic bags take ages to float down to the bottom of the sea. That is why when humans find dead fishes and seagulls they sometimes see lots of rubbish and plastic bags inside of their bodies.

Paragraph 6: It takes years to clean the sea up for the sea creatures. That is why we should not allow plastic bags to get thrown out. Instead we should all keep our plastic bags and use them when we need to.
You need to do something about this Prime Minister.

Yours sincerely


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