Monday, October 20, 2014

Assembly (Term 4)

Paragraph 1: In the morning I woke up and I just remembered that it was the start of term 4. I was excited that Me and all the year 8’s have one more term to go. When I got to school I saw my two friends Gianna and Martha and I said hi to them.

Paragraph 2: Walking into the breeze with them I saw that this year’s topic is Art attack Yay!!  I was so happy that we all were getting to draw things that we like. We went to class getting ready for assembly I felt really Determined to go to assembly because all the teachers got to do  items that show’s art in it.

 Paragraph 3: When we got to class we had to put our bags away and get ready to line up for assembly. As we were walking to the hall I saw that some junior classes weren’t in the hall so we had to wait for a while. Then all the junior classes started to come inside the hall and sit down quietly.

Paragraph 4: Mr Burt said” Good morning pt england and we all said” Good morning Mr Burt. We first done the national anthem and then Team items came on.

Paragraph 5: First team 1 came on and they showed us that they were at the beach, river and having a picnic. Mr J was painting a picture of Point England beach and people kayaking. Next Team 2 went up, Team 3 went up, team 4 and the last group was team 5.

Paragraph 6:  My favorite Item was team 5 because they were drawing pictures of Mr Jacobsen, Mrs Jarman and Mr Burt it really looked artistic. All the teachers in team 5 had partners and drawed each of those people.    
Immersion Assembly.JPG

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