Friday, October 17, 2014

The holidays ( Power cut)

Paragraph 1: It was Thursday when me and my family all noticed our power went off. We all thought that we didn’t pay our power bill but we were wrong. Everyone in Glen Innes power had been cut off because their was a big fire between the power.

Paragraph 2: As it was getting darker my mum thought we should get some candles and light it up. When we all where looking for candles I looked on the shelf and I saw lots of candles and we could each have one.

Paragraph 3: Lighting the candle up was kind of hard because when I would always light it up the candle will always drip and burn my skin. Finally the candle lit up and we could all light up the other candles to see properly.

Paragraph 4: Next my sisters, brother, cousins and I decided we should play hide and seek so we done coconut coconut crack. When we were nearly finished choosing who would be the counter and find them I was the one who was in. So everyone had to hide inside the garage and I would have to try and find them.
Paragraph 5: Ready or not here I come I said. I went under the garage door and all I could hear and see was nothing it was dark and everybody were in their hiding spot. It was a little bit hard to see but I could find my way around the garage.

Paragraph 6: Looking and Looking around the garage and all I see is this black shadow moving so I went to check it out and I touched AHHHHH! the shadow screamed it was my big sister she was frightened because I touched her.

Paragraph 7: I had to find all of them but it was getting a little bit boring because I couldn’t find them. But I found all of them yes so I thought if the hide and seek was boring we all should play cards then. We all went inside and played cards and my other cousin went to lie down and sleep. We all were getting real tired of playing cards so we told scary stories.

Paragraph 8: We each had a turn of telling stories they were really scary that some of us went to bed because they didn’t want to hear any more scary stories. But then my little cousin got her ballerina toy and started to play with it the song was really scary because that was the song that was on The conjurings.

Paragraph 9: We all finally were going to sleep but first we all prayed one by one and fell asleep.

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