Tuesday, June 7, 2011


when I was at camp I went to swim with our team and the other teams at Samarium.
I was so happy because I was having a race even though I was the last one to have a race.
every time I have a race though I mostly come last After that all of camp people
had some morning tea because they were so hungry and thirsty.
Later we were allowed to have free time in the pool but the year 5’s weren’t allowed until later.
when the big kid’s went in to the big out side pool the little kid’s wasn't allowed to go in the big pool
when the big kid’s where in it the little kid’s where allowed in it and when I went in the big pool
I felt like I was in the North Poul and i felt like I was at North Poul and freezing to heaven.
after that miss garden had to pick how is going to be on the slid and I said please pick respond stars and she did and when I got up the slid I was could and my feet was so could to I was happy and when I went in the hydroslide because it was so cool for me and my group. When we went out of the slide I felt a shock of cold when I went out side . It was cool after I went on the slide because I saw people playing. that was cool at the pools with all of the campers.

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