Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In the weekends

In the weekend I went to pick up my friend because we wanted her to come to our house . And she was In side getting change . When she was getting change we went to go and see her up her room . as we went up to see her she was so existed and I was to . later on we were going to silver park to get some food for all of us . it was so cool when we went to silver park and my friend was to . after we went home but we went to her house first because she Left her stuff . later on in the after noon we were eating chips and some peanuts . it was so yummy . that was so cool with my friend but she felt like she was my sister to me . later we went to sleep in the lounge .

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  1. Hi Rona I really like Ur story about Ur weekend thats was really cool this is sisilia peace out.


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